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Susan Powell : Where is She?

Susan Powell went to lunch with her spouse, Josh, and a mutual friend on December 6, 2009. Her attitude at lunch was described as ordinary, albeit exhausted. The following day both Susan and her spouse failed to report to work, failed to inform their work of their absence, and failed to drop their kids off at daycare. Josh and the kids came back home at 5 pm, but Susan was never heard from or noticed again.

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Date Of Susan Disappearance

Josh states he departed on a camping trip with the two kids at 12:30 am on December 7, the date of Susan’s disappearance. According to Josh, Susan felt sick and didn’t go. Josh states he came back at 5 pm and discovered Susan missing. When inquired why he departed on a camping trip in the early morning hours of Monday, a workday for him and a school day for the kids, Josh stated he was confused as to which day of the week it was.

Categorizing the case as suspicious, authorities rapidly executed a search warrant on the Powell house. They found out Susan’s purse and keys. They also found a fan blowing on a big wet spot in the house. Investigators challenged Josh’s story, wondering why he embarked on a camping trip when the temperature was below freezing with mixed rain and snow. Upon an inquiry of the alleged camping location, authorities did not discover signs of someone having been there recently.

Despite the suspicion, the kids verified had been on the camping trip.

One week later, police seized the Powell minivan for one day to search it. The day it was impounded, Josh rented a car. Detectives later assumed that Josh had driven the rented car hundreds of miles in that day, but the car lacked any GPS that may have provided them an idea of where he had been. A neighbor reported that when Josh came back home on that day he was behaving oddly and kept putting lotion on his badly windburned hands.

One month later, Josh packed up belongings and shifted with his kids to Puyallup, WA. There he moved in with his dad, Steven. Josh ultimately issued a statement claiming Susan was mentally fragile and likely left on her intention, maybe to be with another man, and was now scared to return due to the publicity developed by her disappearance.


Susan’s family ultimately issued a statement claiming they had learned Josh emotionally abused Susan for years, also noting one episode of physical abuse. According to Susan’s family, Josh had alienated Susan from the kids and their joint bank account despite Susan being the main earner. Neighbors stated Susan was unhappy at the wedding and was planning to leave Josh. Josh had driven the family to bankruptcy in 2007 after being $200,000 in debt.

In 2011, Steven’s house in Puyallup was searched about Susan’s disappearance. Steven was subsequently charged with possession of child pornography. Authorities found more than one thousand naked videos of women and girls. One of those women was Susan. Steven also had images of other women whose faces had been replaced by Susan’s as well as videos of him masturbating to a video of Susan.

Due to the penalties leveled against Josh’s dad, Susan’s family earned temporary custody of the kids. Josh was granted supervised visitation. In February 2012, a judge ordered Josh to undergo a psychosexual evaluation and polygraph. The following week, during one of the supervised visitations at his house, Josh let the kids in but locked out the supervisor. He assaulted the children with a hatchet and set the house on fire, murdering himself and the kids instantly. Messages were left with his family and the lawyer stated he couldn’t live without his kids.

March 2012

In March 2012, unsealed documents disclosed Susan’s blood had been discovered next to the couch in the family’s home. They also disclosed that when Josh turned over Susan’s cell phone it was missing its SIM card. He later turned his cell phone over which also was missing its SIM card.

Susan had a $1.5 million life insurance policy. Not long after her disappearance, Josh started collecting on Susan’s retirement plan.

Authorities maintain there is incomplete proof to verify beyond a reasonable doubt that Josh killed Susan. They are still examining her case as a disappearance with uncertain circumstances.

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