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Meghan Marohn: Suspicious Death


At Shaker High School in Latham, New York, 42-year-old Meghan Marohn was a popular and dedicated English teacher (a suburb of Albany). She was single and lived alone in Delmar, where she grew up, which is another suburb of Albany.

Meghan possessed a variety of skills. She enjoyed playing the harp and piano in her own time. But she truly enjoyed writing, especially poetry. In the nearby city of Troy, she began the Troy Poem Project. Her brother Peter Naple recalled that “she would have people come up and just speak a few lines about themselves or what they wanted her to write about.” “She would give you a poem in 20 minutes.”


Meghan had a strong interest in social and environmental issues. She was politically engaged and took part in protests and rallies. Meghan was described as “free spirit and very idealistic” by her lifelong friend Ruth Ross. She like to hike, too.

Workplace problems: Meghan has been having some problems, according to her brother. He admitted, “I don’t know the whole story. “I am aware that her pain was much exacerbated by what transpired at school. She was granted paid leave from the school until the end of the academic year.” Ruth went on to explain, “Something at school about another coworker upset her.

Because of how unpleasant the situation was, some friends advised Meghan to take a break so she could relax. One advised her to remain at the Red Lion Inn (a famous historic inn). It is less than an hour’s journey from Delmar to Stockbridge, a town in the Western Massachusetts region of the Berkshires. If you’re not acquainted, the Berkshires’ charming tiny towns, mountains, or should we say rolling hills, are a favourite destination for holidays and weekend getaways.

When Meghan arrived at the Red Lion Inn on Saturday, March 26, Peter last spoke to her. He stated, “She had returned to the room and was eating some soup and reading her book.

When her automobile is discovered: On Sunday, March 27, 2022, a few locals observed a black 2017 Subaru Imprezza at the Janet Longcope Park trailhead parking lot in the neighbouring town of Lee. A 5-minute drive will get you there from the Red Lion Inn.

The automobile was still there on March 29th, Tuesday. So the police started looking all over the park.

However, there is no proof that Meghan ever went into the park. Less than a mile from where the automobile was discovered, her phone last pings from a remote neighbourhood across the street. Additionally, she left her car open, something her relatives and friends stated was unusual for her.

Other oddities included: “The way her car was parked was questionable. According to Peter, it was backed into the trailhead and blocked the entry. Her hotel key, car keys, school-issued laptop, and a small plush animal that she often brought on trips were all gone. As she had anticipated returning, her belongings were in her room at the Red Lion Inn. She was scheduled to stay till March 30th on that day.

The police soon concluded that Meghan’s absence was an accident. They added that there was no proof that the general population was in risk.

We learn a crucial detail: Chris Hedges, a well-known journalist and author who was Meghan’s friend, decided to write a post to raise awareness of her absence after months of searching turned up nothing. On July 22, he disclosed that Meghan had told acquaintances she was hiding. Because she refused to sleep with him, he had viciously harassed and threatened her, and she wanted to get away from him. Especially after watching him pass by her house, she was too terrified to stay at home. She was reportedly offered paid leave and relocated to the Berkshires for that reason.

Her brother Peter shared more additional details once this was made public. Meghan’s married coworker was the one acting improperly and making passes toward her.

“She gave me a brief account of an incident involving a male coworker that occurred at work. He disliked it when his advances were turned down, “said Peter. “She told her bosses about it because it affected her so much. This individual is still employed by the school.”

But after speaking with him, the cops reported that “he checked out ok.”

When Meghan’s bones were found, police looked for clues in the park’s surrounding forests and even in the Housatonic River. For several months, no one was found. Last but not least, on Thursday, September 1, a local discovered some human remains. Then, on Monday, September 5, the medical examiner gave the much-awaited confirmation that it was Meghan. (See map here)

Strangely, the cops have kept quiet during the entire investigation. Since confirming the discovery of Meghan’s body, they have given out very little (if any) information. They have not disclosed the cause of death or any potential explanations.

What transpired to Meghan, then? Has she suffered a stroke? When trekking, did she trip and strike her head? Did she commit suicide? Has her unsettling coworker followed her? Or did she accidentally run upon a serial killer?

Important details:

One of the worst times of the year to go trekking in the area in late March. In fact, the weekend that Meghan vanished was chilly, windy, rainy, snowy, and sloppy.

On that Sunday morning, one Lee resident drove by the trailhead. When he returned home at noon, he found the car despite the parking lot being vacant. Because he found it so strange that someone would be trekking in that weather, he still remembers it.

Longcope Park is not very well known. It’s not a popular hiking trail by any means and doesn’t appear high in the Google rankings when searching for places to hike in the vicinity. Although there’s a notion Meghan travelled there because of a literary link to Janet Longcope.

The park is not isolated enough to get lost and die from exposure. (I don’t think?)

Interesting things I can’t confirm:

I wonder if Peter truly spoke to Meghan that Saturday at the Red Lion Inn, but that’s what was reported. There’s even possible they were actually texting.

I read somewhere that her hiking boots were still in the car, but I need to see it validated by any media sources. I just see that she had shoes in the car.

Shaker High School will not clarify on the nature of Meghan’s paid vacation. They’ve also told their personnel not to speak to the media about it.

There’s some belief from the community that the Red Lion Inn has been purposefully unhelpful. Still, I need explanation on that one.

I recall one media outlet reported the sighting of a tall figure wearing a hat and coat at the trailhead on Sunday. But I can no longer find that source.

Some neighbours have contacted to staff at a neighbouring gas station who claim they saw Meghan come in on Sunday. This could be hearsay.

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