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Apartment Of A Serial Killer

After watching a documentary on a serial killer who tormented and murdered women in the basement, a woman felt that she was residing in the same apartment.

Cold Case

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St. Louis, a woman signed a lease contract for an apartment. Shortly after shifting in, she watched a cold case documentary about serial killers that was being aired on the regional TV channel.

While watching the documentary, she felt that the home she had rented, was the one that was utilized by the serial killer; Maury Travis as his torture chamber for women. Even the dining table was the exact one that was being utilized in the crime scenes.


Pic: STLtoday

Travis had recorded some of the crimes that he had perpetrated. On finding out this baffling reality, the lady asked her landlady to break the lease agreement, but the landlady did not budge.

Nonetheless, St. Louis Housing Authority interfered and assisted her to cancel the lease with the landlady who was incidentally, the mum of the murderer.

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