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Erica Baker: An Unsolved Disappearance Of Young Girl

Distinguishing Characteristics Of Erica

Caucasian female. Blonde hair, hazel eyes. Erica has a scar on the inner arch of one of her feet. Her ears are pierced. Erica’s front teeth were crooked at the time of her 1999 disappearance. She has an oval-shaped, tan-colored birthmark, about the size of a dime, on one of her hips. Some agencies spell her first name “Erika.”
Details of Disappearance
Erica’s parents are divorced and she expended most of February 7, 1999, with her dad, Greg Baker, in their hometown of Kettering, Ohio. Erica was disturbed that Greg had forgotten to buy tickets to an upcoming father/daughter dance, but her dad said she settled down soon thereafter. Greg dropped Erica off at the house she shared with her mum Melissa “Misty” Baker, at nearly 3:00 p.m. Photos of Greg and Misty are posted with this case summary.

Dog For Walk

Erica earned approval from Misty to take her aunt’s Shih Tzu dog for a walk in Indian Riffle Park, which was near to her family’s home. Erica left the home sometime between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m. Two observers saw her sitting on a bench with the dog near the park’s pond soon after 4:00 p.m. She has never been noticed again.

The dog, dragging its blue leash, ran unaccompanied to the witnesses sometime after Erica was last noticed. They called Animal Control to pick up the dog but didn’t realize the girl they had noticed earlier was Erica until news reports of her disappearance emerged later that night.

Misty became concerned when Erica failed to return home later in the evening and summoned the authorities. A comprehensive search of the region generated no clues as to Erica’s location. A pink Winnie The Pooh sweatshirt was found out on a road in Germantown, Ohio many days after Erica vanished. Bloodhounds responded positively to Erica’s odor on the clothes, but her family told her the shirt did not belong to her.



Investigators would like to recognize and interview two probable observers who were noticed in the area around the exact time Erica was last noticed. The first is a Caucasian female jogger, who was wearing a white turtleneck, black stretch pants, and white sneakers. The other is a middle-aged white man who was wearing a black raincoat and walking a long-haired spaniel-type dog.

Greg and Misty passed polygraph tests and are not suspects in their daughter’s case. Administrations said that they recognized four logical suspects in January 2000, five months after Erica was last noticed. None of the suspects have been arrested due to an absence of evidence. According to investigators, various of the men have passed child molestation.

The police got leads that Erica was hit by a vehicle and killed the day of her disappearance and the occupants of the car panicked and disposed of her corpse. The tips named Jan Marie Franks, a drug addict, as the driver. She perished in 2001.


Her lawyer, Beth Lewis, has rejected to notify the police what, if anything, Franks told her about Erica’s case, citing attorney-client confidentiality. Ohio law states that a dead person’s spouse can relinquish attorney-client confidentiality for them, and Franks’s spouse did so. Nonetheless, Lewis has doubted Franks’s spouse’s authority to waive confidentiality and proceeded to reject to answer questions, despite being held in contempt of court and jailed.

In February 2004, just three days before the statute of limitations on the violations would have expired, Christian John Gabriel was indicted for evidence tampering and awful abuse of a body about Erica’s case. A picture of him is posted with this case summary. Gabriel was Franks’s boyfriend. The grand jury had the choice of indicting him for a range of offenses such as aggravated killing and vehicular killing but refused to do so. They also denied indicting another suspect, Clifford Butts.

Prosecutors stated they thought Gabriel was driving a van that hit and murdered Erica on Glengarry Drive near the Kettering Recreation Center, and he buried her corpse in Caesar Creek State Park to cover up the crime.


Gabriel admitted the crime to the police and stated. That he and Franks were in the van jointly and they were under the impact of drugs and alcohol and had been shoplifting in the region the day Erica was murdered. He lead authorities to several places where he said he had buried the child’s corpse. But nothing was found in any of the locations and investigators stated they were not going to scour again for Erica’s remains unless they discovered more information indicating where she was.

Gabriel pleaded not guilty to the penalties and maintains his innocence in Erica’s disappearance; he stated his admission was totally untrue and he just made the statements because he was being pressured by authorities. He was however convicted in October 2005 and sentenced to the maximum period of six years in jail. He was released from detention in June 2011.

Erica has never been found. Foul play is suspected in her case due to the situations involved.

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