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Adrienne Salinas: The Missing Victim

Adrienne Salinas was a 19-year-old woman living in Tempe, Arizona, in June of 2013. She had been attending Gateway Community College in Maricopa county and was aiming to become a journalist. She was described as a loving, intelligent, and reliable young woman, who loved watching movies and reading books. Adrienne was incredibly close with her younger brother and had a boyfriend that she cherished, whom she had started dating in eighth grade. Her boyfriend, Francisco, described Adrienne as his very best friend, and the only woman he has ever liked.

The Morning of Adrienne Disappearance

Pic: FBI

In the early morning hours of June 15, 2013, Adrienne and her roommates were hosting a party at their apartment, located on West Fifth Street and Hardy drive. At around 2:30 in the morning, she and her boyfriend got into a violent argument and chose to leave the party to head back to his apartment in Scottsdale. They decided to talk things out once there.

Upon reaching the apartment, the argument continued to escalate, and Adrienne stated that she does not want to sleep over at his place and that she was going to go home. Francisco insisted that he drive Adrienne home, despite the two being furious with one another, and after some reluctance, she agrees. The couple leaves his apartment at 3:00 a.m.

Along the drive, the couple continues to argue with one another, until Adrienne demands to be let out of the car. She exits the car outside of the Hayden Flour Mill at 3:22 a.m. Once Adrienne is out of the car, Francisco places a call to her friends and roommates to let them know she is walking the quick distance back to their apartment and to keep an eye out for her.

At 3:40, Adrienne reaches home safely and is greeted by her roommates. The house party was still in progress. Once back in her own house, a friend states that Adrienne packed an overnight bag, intending to drive back and sleep over with her boyfriend. This is the final time that her roommates report seeing Adrienne, even though she later returns.

During the drive to Francisco’s apartment, Adrienne cuts off another vehicle on the road and slams into a median. Only her car was involved in this accident, but the other woman, who she had cut off, saw what happened and called 911 at 3:44 a.m. By the time police arrive on the scene, Adrienne was already gone.

After this, Adrienne reaches back to her apartment, unbeknownst to her roommates. It is said that she changed clothing at this point and called a taxicab to pick her up. Between the period 4:10 and 4:50 a.m., Adrienne calls her boyfriend 11 times, nonetheless, he doesn’t reply to any of them. After being unable to reach him, Adrienne sends a text at 4:43 a.m. that said

”I’m coming over.”

While still at her apartment, Adrienne makes her final phone call. She calls Scottsdale Cab Guy, a regional cab company. A cab driver, and the owner’s son, Thomas Simon Jr, are dispatched to pick her up at the AM/PM on the corner of University and Hardy. At 4:52, O’Reilly Auto Parts’ surveillance camera picked up a woman stepping beside the building, assumed to be Adrienne. This is one minute before the cab driver calls her to let her know he is at the gas station, waiting for her. Adrienne picks up and claims that she is “almost there.” This is the very last contact anyone has with Adrienne.

Thomas Simon Jr later states to investigators that he had tried to call Adrienne again at 5:07, but she did not reply, despite her saying 14 minutes earlier that she was nearly there. It’s later found out that at that time, Adrienne’s phone was off, and that’s why she did not pick up. The cameras at the gas station were later reviewed, and they never had picked up footage of Adrienne arriving there.

June 16th was Father’s Day, and once Adrienne’s dad hadn’t heard from her, he began to be concerned. He reached her friends, roommates, and boyfriend, but no one had heard from her the whole day prior, or that current day. Her dad then instantly calls Tempe Police Department to report his daughter missing.

The following morning, Francisco and Adrienne’s dad find her car, about two miles from where the accident occurred. The vehicle had two flat tires. Inside the car was a BlackBerry phone, as well as a notebook under the driver’s seat. Police took photos of both the cell phone and the notebook and then claimed to have turned them over to her parents. Despite police claiming they gave the notebook and the BlackBerry to Adrienne’s parents, the BlackBerry phone was misplaced at some point, and no one was able to clarify where it had gone.

On June 17th, police interviewed both Thomas Simon Jr and his dad, Thomas Simon Sr, the owner of the cab company. On that exact day, police also used sonar to search Tempe Town Lake, believing that Adrienne may have walked near it in a try to walk to Francisco’s home. The interviews and searches lead to nothing, nonetheless.

On June 20th, police started surveillance on Thomas Simon Jr. Suspicions started to arise, but it has never been specified what these surveillances had uncovered. On the 27th, Simon’s DNA sample is collected. At this point, Adrienne has been gone for one week. A Body Found

On August 6th, human remains were discovered on a property located in Apache Junction, after it was noticed that vultures had been huddling in a particular area. The area her corpse was found in had previously been considerably flooded, around July 21st. The remains were found underneath a pile of silt and debris, and on August 15th, the corpse was officially recognized as Adrienne. There has not been any word on the reason for death, and it was labeled as undetermined. Despite this, officers treated this case as a murder, believing her corpse had been dumped there, with her being murdered elsewhere.

On January 15, 2015, suspected serial killer Bryan Patrick Miller, also known as the Canal Killer, was brought in for querying about the death of Adrienne. Miller had been apprehended in the 90s for the killings of Angela Brasso and Melanie Bernas. It is suspected he has other potential victims in the Valley. A friend of Miller’s had tipped off investigators that Miller was at a party in Adrienne’s neighborhood around the time that she went missing. To this day, there has been no word from investigators on whether or not they think that Miller may be involved in Adrienne’s death.

Fransisco was also cleared as a suspect in the death of Adrienne.

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