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Alex VanDalsen: Another Strange Case

Alex VanDalsen, 21, was born Jasmine McKenzie Danaher. She decided to transition into a male when she was 15 and living as a young man named Alex. The family resided in Lafayette, Indiana. On February 3, 2021, It was a frigid Indiana evening with snow on the ground. Alex left home on foot before midnight without notifying anyone where he was departing.

Alex Was Dead

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He wouldn’t be noticed alive again. On February 9th, Alex was discovered dead. His casualty was judged a suicide without any inquiry. The family doesn’t accept the suicide theory for the following reasons:
Alex’s hands weren’t tested for gunpowder residue
The gun was discovered underneath his corpse and wasn’t assessed for fingerprints.
Alex was discovered 10 miles from his house. It was less than 20 degrees and he wasn’t outfitted for the weather. He also didn’t take his car. So how did he get to the site where his corpse was discovered? Because of his asthma, the snow, and low temperature, he didn’t make the 10-mile walk.
There were no shell casings at the death spectacle. How was that probable?
There was no blood splatter at the spectacle.

Mother Of Alex

Jennifer VanDalsen (Alex’s mother) believes someone picked Alex up, murdered him, and then dumped his corpse. Nonetheless, she believes law enforcement rejected to examine the case seriously because Alex was transgender.
The family has begged law enforcement to answer their questions about Alex’s casualty. They haven’t received any answers. Did Alex really commit suicide or was he killed?

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