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Alison Botha, The Brave Girl Of South Africa

On December 18, 1994, Port Elizabeth resident Alison Botha was kidnapped, raped, stabbed, and left for dead by Frans du Toit and Theuns Kruger.

They cut her throat so deeply she had to clasp her own head-on as she crawled to the road for help. With her other hand, she had to hold in the organs dropping from her stomach, where she had been stabbed more than 30 times.

By some miracle – and this is a word that crops up often in Alison’s story – the knife jabs had missed her major arteries, so she did not bleed to death and was able to breathe through her broken trachea.

Alison Was 27-Years-Old

How Alison Botha Survived A Brutal Attack By The 'Ripper Rapists'
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The 27-year-old endured and made it her life’s goal to help others find strength. She published a book about her journey, on which a play was founded, and gives talks all over South Africa and the world.
Here is what she says.

She said the evening when she was assaulted and left for dead was full of miracles that protected her life.
She was 27 when it occurred.
Alison pulled up in the driveway of her home and was looking for something in her car when a man appeared next to her window with a knife and warned her to move over to the passenger seat.
He began driving and halted to pick up his friend.
They both then took her to a secluded bush region at the outskirts of Port Elizabeth.

Alison Fight

Alison to share inspirational story at breakfast | News24
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One of the men, Frans du Toit, was 26 at the time and out on parole for assaulting a pregnant girl and a 19-year-old student.
“When they stopped in the wilderness I knew something was going to occur.
“I begged them what now and they told they want to have sex with me and asked me if I am going to fight.
“I have never done a self-defense lesson so I decided not to fight.

“I attempted to wipe out my mind from my body while they both assaulted me.
“I remember thinking, don’t worry Alison and I imagine that was God speaking to me.”

After raping her, Frans began suffocating her and she passed out.
“There were numerous miracles that night.
“The fact that I passed out and was lifeless during most pertussis of the assault was a miracle.”
Frans then began stabbing Alison in her abdomen and doctors afterward told her she was stabbed about 35 times.
“His friend, Theuns then saw my leg twitch and realized that I was still active and took the knife from Frans and slashed my throat about 16 times.”
Alison only heard most of what occurred in court from the two men as she was unconscious while most of the assault happened.

She characterized it as a miracle when Theuns slash her throat.
“Because I was suffocated, I could not breathe, but when Theuns slash my throat, he cut it open and I was eligible to breathe.

After the assault, they left Alison for dead.

Alison saw car lights in the distance, through the wildernesses, and advised herself not to give up.
Alison wrote the names of the men in the sand in case she perished so that the police could understand who did this to her.
She realized that she was brutally stabbed in her abdomen, so she took a shirt the men left behind and wrapped it around her abdomen to keep her intestines from spilling out, and then she began crawling toward the road.

Miraculously, a car passed by at the exact time just as Alison had managed to pull herself onto the tarmac and a young student who was at the time studying to become a veterinarian saw Alison at the side of the path & instantly stopped to support her.

This person then called an ambulance that took almost two hours to get there because of how distant the region that Alison was dumped was.

A team of experts operated on Alison that night and by some miracle and Alison’s enormous grit and never say die attitude, she withstood & finally made a full recovery.

Nowadays, this superhuman woman is wedded and was blessed with two young sons.

She proceeds to travel all over South Africa as a motivational speaker as she shares her tale of survival, faith, love, and forgiveness.

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