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Amy Mihaljevic: The Girl Killed By Beast

Friday, October 27, 1989:

10-year-old Amy Mihaljevic was kidnaped from the prosperous suburb of Bay Village, on Cleveland’s west side. A man had been phoning her at the house, bluffing to be a co-worker of her mum’s (who recently went from part-time to full-time at the Tradin’ Times newspaper).

Amy Was Lured

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He said to Amy that her mum had gotten a promotion and that she should greet him at the Bay Square plaza after school, and he would take her to a store to purchase a gift for her mum. Two classmates of Amy’s saw her in the plaza with a white male with shaggy hair. They gave certain details to sketch artists later.

The man led Amy away but she was never noticed getting into a car. Amy’s corpse was discovered by a jogger, on County Road 1181, in rural Ashland County 104 days later. The autopsy report infers – based on numerous factors – that Amy was most likely murdered within 24 hours of her kidnapping. Ashland is about a 45-minute drive from Bay Village and the location where her corpse was disposed of was extremely isolated.

Amy Killer

Investigators think the murderer was familiar with both Bay Village and Ashland County. Various girls who resembled Amy, but who resided in North Olmsted in 1989, were also phoned by the man police believed is the murderer.

He tried an identical tactic with the – “I work with your mum, she just got a promotion, would you like to come with me to get a gift” – but they didn’t fall for it. There are a couple of ways these girls are related to her. They all visited the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center before the kidnapping (where numerous suspects volunteered).


And they had a math teacher who was the brother of Amy’s horseback riding instructor. Recently, the FBI and police disclosed new details. A strange green curtain discovered near her corpse in 1989 was most likely used to wrap Amy after her killing. Who murdered Amy Mihaljevic?

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