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Angelica Esperanza’s Mysterious Case Of Disappearance

What happened to 21-year-old Angelica Esperanza Sandoval?

This case of Angelica astonished me with just the vision of this young woman’s keys hanging, the back door unlocked and gone.

Angelica Sandoval was 21 years old on February 23, 2011. She resided on the 700 blocks of 13th Street in Alamosa Colorado. She had just come back home from the laundromat. After pulling up, she took her mobile and her one-year-old daughter’s car seat, and half of the laundry inside. She then moved back out to get her handbag and the rest of her laundry. But she never stepped back in that door.

Angelica Was Gone

Pic: Justice For Native

After about 15 minutes her brother wondered where she was. He went outside to check on her but Angelica was gone. The back door of her car hung wide open the keys were yet in the door and her handbag was lying on the floorboard, or the ground, or spread out on both.

A Fact

Pic: Justice For Natives

Interestingly enough Angelica had vanished 10 days before she was due to testify against a Jose Luis Meraz. He had recently been an acquaintance of hers and at some point, he had broken into her house and attacked her. He terrorized to shoot her and her young daughter robbed her of $200 and bound her with duct tape. Though from the portrayal it appears he was wearing a mask Angelica was eligible to recognize him due to his tattoos and identifying his voice. He had been accused of menacing, robbery, abduction, attack, and brutality to a kid. But he was incarcerated and awaiting trial at the time of her disappearance.

Without her testimony prosecution had no case against Meraz and his penalties were dropped. They can be picked back up later if Angelica ever comes back. Even though those charges were dropped he stayed detained on an unrelated charge where he had received 18 months in jail.

It has not been substantiated that Meraz or the 2010 home invasion that she was due to testify about had anything to do with her disappearance. Meraz refutes involvement.


Foul Play is presumed in Angelica Sandoval’s case particularly under the situations of her disappearance. She left behind her daughter, cell phone and cigarettes which all family claims are incredibly uncharacteristic of her. Her mother is now raising her daughter and her family just needs answers.

My feelings are even if it wasn’t Meraz (or someone related to him since he was incarcerated) someone grabbed this young lady up. I hope they discover who and bring her home.

If you have any data about The disappearance of Angelica Esperanza Sandoval please call the Alamosa Police Department 719-580-0057

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