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Anne Sang Ti Pham: Case Of Brutal Murder

On January 21st, 1982, 5-year-old Anne-Sang Ti Pham asked her mum to let her walk to school lonely. It was a rainy day and the Highland school where Anne attended Kindergarten was just a few blocks away from their house in Seaside, California, which is in Monterrey County. Her mum granted Anne her wish, and she set off for school lonely.

Anne Was Youngest

Pic: Oxygen

Anne was the youngest of 10 kids born to refugees (her dad was Tuong Van Pham l and I cannot discover her mum’s name) who fled war-torn Vietnam in 1975 before staying in Seaside. She was shy, emotional to the needs of others, and sweet, according to her brother Kheu Van Pham.

Anne never made it to school and her family shortly reported her missing. Two days later her corpse was discovered by Army investigators looking for a marijuana growing operation in the brush outside at Fort Ord, a U.S. Army post (which was ultimately shut in 1994). She had been attacked and choked.

Cold Case

The Cold Case Task Force at the DA’s Office has formed a couple of years ago when retired Monterey Assistant Police Chief Bill Clark reached the office offering to volunteer to assist solve cold cases, L’Heureux said. Clark is a member of the team examining the Pham case.

The task force has earned a grant for more than $500,000 for examining during investigations. They are being tight-lipped about the inquiry but acting Seaside Police Chief Nicholas Borges stated he is positive and he has a lot of proof collected at the onset of the case.

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