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Arthur Williams: A Boy Killed By Unknown

It was just around 6:00 p.m. on April 15, 1985, when 3-year-old Arthur Williams, Jr. left his family’s apartment unit at 213 West New York Avenue in the “Naked City” neighborhood of Las Vegas that was as famous back then as it is now for high crime rates. A few minutes later, Arthur’s 5-year-old sister Anglia joined her brother in the front yard of the apartment complex.

Arthur Was Playing

Photo of 3-year-old Arthur Williams, Jr., who was murdered outside of his apartment complex in the Naked City neighborhood of Las Vegas in 1985. (Las Vegas-Clark County Library District)
Pic: Mayhemindesert

At some point, while the siblings played in the front yard Anglia took a seat on a low concrete wall and was joined by an anonymous man that had been standing nearby. As Arthur proceeded to play on the sidewalk in front of his apartment, the outsider told Anglia, “I’m going to murder your brother.” The man then rose from his place on the wall, pulled out a folding knife, and reached Arthur. Apparently, without any further indication of an intention, the anonymous man stabbed Arthur once just above his ear.

The vicious attack was over as abruptly as it had unfolded. The assailant ran south down a nearby alleyway. Meanwhile, Arthur’s mum and a neighbor tried to perform CPR on the kid while awaiting an ambulance. Sadly, Arthur was declared dead after he reached the hospital.

Investigators were amazed as to the intention of the killing of the young boy. The children had been outside playing for just about ten minutes. Detective Tom Dillard of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said, “There could be no motivation for this. The children were not out there long enough to do anything.”

Arthur And Anglia’s Dad

And nothing in the hours leading up to the stabbing gave any further insight into a reason for the attack. Arthur and Anglia’s dad, a porter at the Tropicana Hotel, had dropped the kids off at their mum’s home to visit for a few hours as was normal between the couple. Arthur’s mum, a maid at the Las Vegas Hilton, took the kids to get some KFC before coming back to her apartment.

The only explanation of the attacker came from 5-year-old Anglia. The murderer was described as a white man standing about 5’8, 130 pounds, with a slim build, light brown hair and eyes, a slight mustache, and wearing a white button-down shirt. Detectives earned hundreds of advice in the days after the Williams killing on a phone line set up to track guides in the case. And while no suspect was recognized as a result of these actions, tipsters did disclose. That the unknown assailant was spotted in the region outside of Arthur’s apartment building about 15 minutes or so before the killing.

No suspects have been recognized in the 35 years since the disastrous murder of Arthur Williams, Jr. A neighbor speculated about the killer, “I wonder why he didn’t harm the girl. I guess the guy was nuts or schemed to murder the boy all along.”

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