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Aubrey Dameron: Male To Female

Aubrey Dameron

Aubrey Dameron is a transgender missing person from my local region here in Northeast Oklahoma. She had been undergoing the procedure of altering from male to female. We live in a very conservative region that doesn’t accept these sorts of things.

Some info, Aubrey had recently shifted back to the area from New Mexico where she was residing with her boyfriend. She came back home to get help from the addictions she was battling. She had been staying at her mama’s house north of Grove, Oklahoma. On March 9th in the early morning hours, she had Facebook messaged friends asking for a ride. None of her friends answered back. She has never been heard from again. Nobody remembers for sure if she had gotten a ride. She also left her home without her phone and other items that she usually carried at all times.


Pic: Oxygen

She had a former close friend who called Aubrey’s ex and stated that she was being held against her will in Ketchum, Oklahoma because of drug money owed. Which are 30 mins on the other side of the lake. She told Aubrey’s ex that if sent some cash to help pay for her release she would also help pay. Well, when law enforcement got wind of the call to the ex the friend was interviewed. She confessed to making up the story about the kidnapping and the drug ransom. She was later charged with cheating.

There have been various theories thrown around about what occurred. One is that her mum’s boyfriend confessed to murdering her, but law enforcement can’t confirm he did commit the crime. There have been various locations told to her mum where her remains could be discovered and each time have resulted in dead ends.

We also live in a former mining community with various huge open shafts still around with all sorts of connecting tunnels. Us locals always mention that if you want to get away with killing do it in Northeast Oklahoma because of the mine shafts. This is also the exact location where Ashley Freeman and Laura Bible is from which is another cold case since 1999.

My theory is Aubrey was most probably murdered over a drug debt and dumped into one of the many many open shafts in the region and her corpse will never be recovered. Just looking for other viewpoints.

Source: Reddit

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