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Beverly Jarosz: Mysterious Murder Of 16-Years-Old

Beverly Jarosz was a 16-year-old residence in Garfield Heights, Ohio, when she got brutally killed in her house on December 28, 1964. By all accounts, she was famous, intelligent, and kindhearted. She was very impressive and had many male admirers. Most of the male admirers were boys she went to school with & youthful men in her neighbourhood, but a few admirers were older men out of her age bracket. She also had a partner, as well as an ex-boyfriend.

Beverly was Facing Problems

Beverly Ann Jarosz (1948-1964) - Defrosting Cold Cases
Credit: Defrosting Cold Case

Throughout the year 1964 before the killing, there were some unusual & alarming disturbances, like numerous phone calls a day where the caller hung up instantly after someone answered the phone, and an unsigned gift was left for Beverly in her backyard. The most problematic occurrence of them all is when Beverly’s dad came home from work one night, to discover a man looking up at the window of the bedroom Beverly shared with her sister. Beverly’s dad chased the man, but he survived to get away after being chased for a block.

On December 28, 1964, Beverly had strategies to go to the mall with her companions Barbara & Margie in the afternoon. Before that, Beverly and her sister went to their grandmother’s home for lunch, after their parents left for work earlier that morning. They reached there around 10:30 am. Beverly stayed at her grandmother’s for about an hour and a half, as she wanted to get home to get ready to greet Barbara, as they were meeting Margie at her home. Beverly got driven home by a young man who was a neighbour of her grandma’s and reached home soon before 12:30 pm.

Beverly Attended Calls

In between the time she got home & the time she was killed, there were three phone calls made to the home. The call that stood out was the second of the three, from an anonymous man who pertained to himself as “Steve Stackowicz”, who needed to know if her dad was home. The last one of these three calls was from her anxious grandma at around 1:15 pm, but Beverly notified her she had to hang up right after substantiating she got home safe, as it looked like Barbara was at the door.

It turned out Barbara was reportedly running late, and she got dropped off at Beverly’s home by her mom at 1:25 pm. Barbara told that she rang the doorbell numerous times, and got no answer, but she listened to loud classical music blasting from inside the home, as well as an incredibly loud thud, “like someone knocking over a dresser”. Barbara told that she ended up leaving after staying for a while, inferring that Beverly was angry at her for being late. When her two companions didn’t show up at her home, Margie called Barbara. That’s when eventually Beverly’s grandmother was called. She got Beverly’s dad to leave work, to go back to the home and check up on things. All this took at least a couple of hours to unfold.

In between 4:00 pm & 4:30 pm, around 3 hours later, Beverly’s father comes house, discovers her dead in her room and calls the regional police. The spectacle was so terrifying to the regional police, that they called the Cleveland police department for assistance. The medical examiner (who also worked on The Cleveland Torso Murders), as well as the police captain (who came to be a lead detective for Garfield Heights), interpreted it as the most frightening spectacle they ever witnessed. Beverly was stabbed numerous times with several stab wounds all over her body, was choked with a rope, and had been partially undressed. The murderer appeared to stab in periods of 3, judging from looking at her body. Footprints were discovered in a patch of sand by the curb but were not beneficial. Even though it was winter, there was no snow on the floor. The murderer’s escape way was through the backyard, as there was a police dog who followed an odour from the room, and out the back door. Beverly’s hair was also discovered in a bush in the backyard.


The police questioned hundreds of people. Several of Beverly’s male friends came involuntarily, and were fingerprinted, and polygraphed. All of them approved. Many guides led nowhere. One unusual thing did happen, seven years after the killing. Thaddeus & Eleanor Jarosz were still residing in the same home where their daughter Beverly had been killed. Their other daughter Carol, was not residing with them, as she was in college at this point.

One day, when Thaddeus & Eleanor were at a funeral for a neighbour, someone broke into the home. Only 1 thing was stolen, it is a gold watch. It seemed someone broke into the home, to look for something. Two prints that were framed, and were hanging up on a wall, were brought down, and their backing was torn out. The prints were copies of Beverly’s 2 favourite paintings. What the individual was looking for, and if they discovered it, is a mystery.

Theories/Persons of Interest:

Credit: Gone But Not

There have been numerous assumptions over the years, as to who murdered Beverly. In total, there are 6 people, that the police and/or the public either found interesting or could not count-out. I will list the persons one by one but in NO SPECIFIC ORDER of how likely/unlikely they are. Furthermore, I would prefer to make it obvious that I AM NOT ACCUSING ANYONE, I am only listing assumptions, founded on speculation & observation. None of these 6 has been arrested, and it is apparent, that none of them did it.

Daniel Schulte – Daniel Schulte was Beverly’s 19-year-old ex-boyfriend, who was supposed “a bad-boy-ex” and a “greaser” in the teen circles of the time. Schulte alleged to have been working when Beverly was murdered and indicated a timecard supporting his claim. Nonetheless, his next-door neighbour assertions to have noticed him arrive home in a rush. He related with a group of other bad people at the time. Schulte had a vulnerable alibi but passed a lie detector test. It is significant though, that the tests in 1964 weren’t as valid as they are today. Also, in the early 2000s, Daniel Schulte rejected to talk with the police and ended up moving to Israel.

Roger McNamara – Beverly’s 19-year-old boyfriend at the time of her killing. Characterized as a “strait-laced conservative college student”, so quite the opposite of her ex-boyfriend Daniel Schulte. Roger alleged to have been homesick when Beverly was murdered. Just like Daniel, it looks like Roger had a weak alibi, but passed the lie detector test he was given. Roger was reportedly at a party the earlier night, which was at Beverly’s home, so it does appear unlikely that they’d be on bad phrases the following day. Unless something occurred that day, or Roger simply behaved like everything was nice that day, as a cover story. He also did pass his polygraph. Nonetheless, just like I told in Daniel’s entry, lie detector tests in 1964, weren’t almost as credible as they are today.

John Paliyan – Beverly’s 19-year-old neighbour, who resided 2 houses east of the Jarosz household. He was stated to have an eye for Beverly and confessed that he would spy on Beverly sunbathing in her backyard, during the summer months. He was also home alone at the time, so no one can testify for him. He was also asserted by classmates to be shy. Also, Palin did not pass a lie detector test, as he was inconclusive, and according to a co-worker, was inquiring how to pass one. The only motive I can see Paliyan not being sinful is that Beverly most probably would have had the doors locked, and wasn’t incredibly familiar with him. It’s difficult to see Beverly being satisfied with John being in the home, as she was sceptical of men, and realized she had a stalker.

Bruce Bilek – A 21-year-old college student, living directly behind the Jarosz household in 1964. He contended to have been working on his car, which was supported by his parents. It is significant that he became an art teacher at a high school afterwards, and made a student’s assistant so uneasy, that she left her job. There was some type of joke going on in Beverly’s friend circle, where Beverly was annoyed about Bruce wanting to watch her in a robe. Also, Beverly once wrote Margie a letter, saying that Bruce once went over to her home, to glimpse what she looked like without clothes. Something else that is significant, is that Bruce sometimes gave Beverly and her younger sister lifts from church, so it would seem that Bruce and Beverly were quite aware of one another. Bruce’s alibi was deemed solid, so he was never given a polygraph. It is significant, nonetheless, that parents would usually defend their children, even if they think or know that their child is guilty.

Harry Madol – A creepy 17-year-old door-to-door salesman, who shifted to Garfield Heights in September 1964, 3 months before Beverly’s killing. He stabbed a woman in January 1965, 2 weeks after Beverly’s killing, and he assaulted his stepmother. He couldn’t account for his whereabouts between 12:00 pm, and 5:00 pm. on December 28, 1964. He also admitted to Beverly’s killing, then rejected it. His polygraphs were inconclusive. Nonetheless, there is no substantial information that he knew Beverly. In the 3 months, in between the time he shifted to Garfield Heights, and Beverly’s killing, he worked at a place where Beverly went to on occasion, so while it’s apparent they crossed paths, it is nothing but an assumption. And the only stuff that makes him plausible, are his recanted admission, and his severe crimes. Also, the only way it could have been him is if Beverly left her door unlocked that day, which is highly unlikely. The home was not broken into, and there is no way Beverly would have authorized a random male in the home, so Madol’s only chance would have been in the door was unlocked.

Barbara Klonowski – Beverly’s friend, who was presumed to meet her that day. She has NOT been deemed a suspect in the case, but people who realized both her and Beverly, have believed that Barbara could have done it. Barbara was queried thoroughly but wasn’t polygraphed. Due to Beverly being among the greatly attractive girls in Garfield Heights and having several male admirers, she was easily the best with males in her friend group. There were rumours that Barbara was a jealous individual. Teenagers/Adolescents get mad about things like these.

Because Beverly was chased throughout the year 1964 leading to her killing at the end of the year, she was super careful, so she most possible would have had her doors shut, and likely would only let in someone she trusted. Barbara would have been one of those people she believed, and since she was anticipating Barbara that day, she would have been the most probable person that Beverly would have let in.

Barbara alleged to have been running late, and the only individual to support that was Barbara’s mama. Like I mentioned in the Bruce entry, parents would usually defend their children, even if they think or know that their child is guilty. Barbara did not meet up with their other friend Margie, who Beverly and Barbara were initially supposed to meet. Margie had to call Barbara to discover what occurred. The truth that Barbara didn’t meet up with Margie, and didn’t even call to let her know that she or Beverly weren’t arriving, does appear suspicious.

The only downside to this assumption is that Barbara likely wouldn’t have had dared to do all that to Beverly. It would not have been difficult, nonetheless, Jealousy brings out the guiltiest in people. Also, a young man called Gary Grayson, who was a classmate of someone that Beverly dated at Garfield Heights High School, picked Barbara up in his car a few blocks from Beverly’s home, near the time of her killing. He was a year older than Beverly and Barbara. Gary Grayson was queried, but not given a polygraph. Also, Beverly recently dated Barbara’s cousin, Stanley Klonowski, who was polled (but not polygraphed) by police as well. According to Beverly, Stanley was misjudged and distressed.

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