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Blair Adams: An Odd Case Of Unsolved Murder

Blair Adams was a thirty-one-year-old Canadian citizen who was discovered dead in the parking lot of a Knoxville, Tennessee hotel on July 11, 1996. Scattered around his corpse was nearly $4000 worth of mixed Canadian, American, and German currency. His casualty was later discovered to result in a blow to the stomach. His friends and family would want to know the events that resulted in his casualty.

Blair Was Strange

Authorities discovered that in the days before Blair’s casualty, he acted very unusual, contending that people were attempting to murder him, and travelled thousands of miles before reaching Knoxville. First, according to his family, he started suffering from mood swings. He also started having difficulty sleeping. When his mum asked what was wrong, he told that he couldn’t tell her about “it”. On July 5, 1996, he took all the cash out of his savings account, along with thousands of dollars in jewellery, gold, and platinum. On July 7, he went to the Canadian-American border but was refuted crossing because he was a single man with a huge amount of money, which match the profile of a drug trafficker.

Blair At Work

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The next day, Blair reached at his work, a construction company in Surrey, British Columbia, and quit. That afternoon, he expended $1600 on a round-trip airline ticket from Vancouver to Frankfurt, Germany. His flight would leave the next day. Nonetheless, just hours after purchasing the ticket, he went to a friend’s home. He said that he wanted to get across the border because someone was attempting to murder him. His friend said that she was incapable to help. Then, the following day, July 9, he turned in his ticket, rented a car, was eligible to cross the border, and went to Seattle. Blair left his rental car at the airport.

He then purchased a one-way ticket to Washington, DC. This was unusual to investigators because it cost double as much as a round-trip one. After reaching Washington, DC on July 10, he rented a white Toyota and went to Knoxville. This was also unusual because he did not know anyone in the region. Blair reached a gas station at 5:30 pm and said the attendant that his rental car wouldn’t start. The attendant notified him that he had the wrong keys, so he was abandoned in Knoxville. A mechanic took him to a hotel and made a lasting impression on the manager. He behaved nervous, walking in and out of the lobby a total of five times before getting a room.


Afterwards, he went out of the hotel and was never noticed alive again. Twelve hours later, Blair’s corpse, which was naked from the waist down, was discovered in a parking lot about a half-mile from the hotel. There were numerous odd indications at the scene. His pants had been eliminated in a pulling motion and were turned inside out. His socks were too and shoes were off and his shirt was shredded open. Along with the $4000 in several currencies strewn around his corpse, there was also a fanny pack filled with jewellery, gold, and platinum next to him. Maybe the weirdest clue at the spectacle was the key to his rental car, which he had misplaced hours earlier.

Blow To Stomach

The reason for casualty was a vicious blow to Blair’s stomach. The weapon, probably a club or a crowbar, also chopped open his forehead. He did put up a battle; his assailant ripped locks of hair from his head and he had defensive wounds on his hands. Detectives recovered one long strand of hair from his hand, thought to have belonged to the murderer. Specific injures also appeared to demonstrate that he was sexually attacked. Blair’s odyssey had come to a harsh end, and although authorities think that the threat he thought he was in was imaginary, he was killed, just as he had worried. To this day this strange case stays unsolved, but his family wishes that one day someone will be able to tell them the situation of his death.

Blair was murdered on July 11, 1996, near Interstate 40 in Knoxville. Authorities think the disastrous assault happened at around 3:30 am; a construction worker contended to have heard a cry coming from the parking lot at that time. Interestingly, he thought that it was a woman’s voice.


Police at first doubted that Blair’s killing was a robbery gone wrong. Nonetheless, that was ruled out because none of his cash or valuables was stolen. They also glanced into the likelihood that it was drug-related. Nonetheless, no indication was discovered to support that either. Ultimately, they looked into the likelihood that he may have been murdered by a prostitute or pimp. Nonetheless, they could discover no information that he had ever used a prostitute.

Investigators have tried most of their leads in the case but are still working on it. DNA was recovered from the hair discovered in Blair’s hand. Nonetheless, a match has not been discovered. Recently, his mum was re-interviewed. She contended that he travelled to the American South to attend the Olympic Games. It is unfamiliar why she never told detectives about this before.

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