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Body Of Artesia Doe: Never Identified

A hunter in rural eastern Arizona discovered the body of a teenage girl partially submerged in a floating box on October 26, 2020. Even stranger, the girl was dressed in a “witch’s gown,” according to investigators. Despite the unusual circumstances and the rural location where the body was discovered, the girl has yet to be identified, and her killer has yet to be apprehended.

Body Was Found In Rural Area

Pic: Un Identified

Eastern Arizona is a rural area with a sparse population. Graham County, where the body was discovered, has a population of only 39,000 people and covers 4,641 square miles. Safford, by far the largest town, has a population of 9,500 people. It’s not easy for a teenager’s disappearance to go unnoticed in this county.

The body was discovered seven miles south of Stafford and thirteen miles outside of Artesia, Arizona. The floating box in which the girl’s body was submerged in a small corral that is used to water livestock. Apart from the corral, there are no other man-made structures in the area, only desert scrubland.


Could the girl have come from a nearby larger city? Artesia is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes from Tucson, 3 hours from Phoenix, and 3 hours from Las Cruces, New Mexico. It is encircled by miles and miles of barren desert. It’s unlikely that the body would have been discovered if it had been buried a few hundred feet deeper in the desert brush. Why would someone transport a body so far from the city only to abandon it in the one location where it would almost certainly be discovered? ans was Artesia Doe out there if she was killed in the same area where her body was discovered? Why was she dressed as a witch, anyway? Was it a costume for Halloween or something else entirely?

Because this part of Arizona is too far north, it’s unlikely that Artesia Doe was a migrant from Latin America. Migrants arriving from Mexico typically travel to Tucson or Phoenix. Even if she was lost, there’s no way she could have missed I-10 on her way to Artesia, which is 90 miles north of the border.

13 to 17

Artesia Doe was most likely between the ages of 13 and 17, though she could have been as old as 22. She was 5’1″ tall with light brown hair that was cut short. Investigators believe she died in 2020, but the precise postmortem interval has yet to be determined. Weight and eye color could not be determined because the body was in such bad shape. Fortunately, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children now offers facial reconstruction.

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