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Bradley Eugene Gilbert: The Last Game

Bradley Eugene Gilbert was born on July 24, 1978, in Vernon, Texas. On Saturday, November the 10th, 1984, Bradley Gilbert was playing with his 3-year-old brother Jason in the backyard of his aunt’s home in Chillicothe, Texas. Bradley was a first-grader at Chillicothe Elementary School. His parents were separated at the time and his dad was living outside Texas.

At least three observers reported a man with a small, dirty car near the kidnapping site, just off US 287 highway.

The man chased Bradley and his brother, and Bradley yelled to his younger brother to get into the home. Unfortunately, the man managed to grab Bradley and put him in his parked car.

The search For Bradley

Pic: DPS Texas

Two airplanes and later one helicopter, and 50-70 searchers, including several searchers on horseback, searched for him over the weekend. Residents were also begged to search their properties for the boy.

LE also questioned the boy’s dad.

The Texas Rangers and the FBI were called in to help with the search. A reward fund was set up to assist find the 6-year-old.

The home was half a block from US Highway 287-the main highway attaching Amarillo with Wichita Falls and Fort Worth-making it simple for an abductor to see the boy and get away rapidly.


Bradley’s three-year-old brother and two other observers were hypnotized to recall details of the disappearance. During the hypnosis, Jason remembered that his brother ordered him to get inside the home when a man got out of a car and started chasing the older boy.

Pictures of the missing boy were printed on the sides of milk cartons by Preston Dairies, which was partaking in the national program to discover missing children.

Sad discovery

Sadly, on Sunday, 31st of March 1985, Bradley’s partially clothed corpse was discovered about 16 miles away in a slough, north of Vernon, Texas. After the autopsy, it was substantiated to be Bradley.

Two teenage boys who were fishing discovered the decomposed corpse when it was hooked by a fishing line. It was believed that the carcass could have been thrown from one of two bridges, into the Pease river. A woman noticed a man stop his car on the bridge and hurl something over its side. The poor boy had his throat slashed. His pants were around his ankles, and a sexual attack may have been the motive.

In 1987, LE had a suspect, but the man later proved that he was out of the state, at the time of the crime.

Another man in Oklahoma has never been ruled out as a suspect. Police could discover no vital evidence, though, to relate him to the murder.

In closing, I would like to stress how crucial it is that the Texas Rangers release information, regarding the description of the man and his car. There have been suspects, so that means that they do have the descriptions. A new observer may come forward with an important testimony.

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