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Brandon Swanson: The Last Call

Brian and Annette Swanson welcomed Brandon into the world on January 30, 1989. He was raised in Marshall, Michigan, where he was born. In 2007, Brandon had just received his diploma from Marshall Senior High School. At Minnesota West Community and Technical College in Canby, Minnesota, he was enrolled in a one-year program in wind turbines.

The day Brandon disappeared

Disappearance of Brandon Swanson - Wikipedia
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Before going missing, Brandon was visiting Minnesota West Community and Technical College to celebrate the completion of his program. On May 13, 2008, his friends threw him two gatherings. The first gathering Brandon attended was in Lynd, Minnesota, which is located 7 miles from his house. Brandon left the first party at midnight and made the roughly 40-minute drive to Canby, Minnesota to attend the second party. Brandon had drunk, but according to friends who attended both events, he wasn’t drunk.

Brandon’s Chevy Lumina crashed around 1:45 a.m. into a tiny ditch. Brandon, who thankfully is unharmed, calls his parents for assistance in getting out of the ditch. He was now situated between Lynd and Marshall. His parents believed they knew exactly where Brandon was when they set out to find him. When they got there, though, there was no trace of Brandon or his automobile. Brandon could not see or hear any headlights when Brain contacted his son once more to check on him. Brandon had the wrong directions, and his parents were aware of this. Brandon was frustrated, but he persisted in talking to his mother despite being certain that he was giving his parents the proper instructions.

Last Promise

While on the phone, Brandon promised his mother that he would leave the car and make an effort to walk toward the direction of the lights he could see in the distance. While on the phone with his parents, Brandon had presumed it was headed for the town of Lynd.

He talked to his folks for 47 minutes on the phone. On May 14, 2008, around 2:30 a.m., Brandon yelled “Oh Shit” before the call came to an end. Brandon didn’t pick up when his father called him back multiple times.

His parents asked Brandon’s pals for assistance, and they looked all night long while driving through farms and on dirt roads, but Brandon was nowhere to be found. When Annette called the Lynd Police Department at 6:30 a.m. to report her son missing, detectives quickly began looking for Brandon. Brandon was still nowhere to be found. A CNN report claims that the delay in the search response was caused by the fact that it was common for 19-year-olds to stay out all night after finishing school. Annette Swanson was also informed by a police officer that her son “had the right to go missing.” Nearly 25 miles from Lynd, police were able to find Brandon’s car, but they couldn’t tell where he was going on foot.

Brandon Victor Swanson is 125 pounds and 5’6″ tall. He has blue eyes and brown hair, and his most recent outfit included blue jeans and a hat that was either black or white and was twisted to the side.


Brandon’s case is still open. In Minnesota, Brandon’s Law became effective on July 1st, 2009. Authorities must launch a preliminary investigation as soon as a missing person report is received, according to the law. Call the sheriff of Lincoln County at (507) 694-1664 if you have any information regarding Brandon Swanson.

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