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Brittany Robinson: The Girl Never Returned

Brittany Robinson was born on 27th January 1998 to parents Demetric Hooper and Tiana Hogue. She grew up in Mobile, Alabama, and had asthma, she was in advanced classes at school.

Brittany Parents Separated

Pic: Original News Break

At some point in her childhood, her parents split and Brittany resided with Tiana.

Her dad, Demetric had toiled over the years with drug problems and schizophrenia. He had expended time in and out of mental hospitals while Brittany was growing up. He had previous penalties of domestic violence and attacking a cop under his belt. Allegedly at the time of Brittany going missing, he was taking a new medication.

On the 14th June 2012, Brittany (then 14) was given a lift to Demetrics home in Dawes, Alabama by her aunt Sierra Hooper at around 9 am to stay with him for two days. He hadn’t been in Brittany’s life much but Tiana decided he should spend some time with her. Brittany was last wearing a pink floral top and jeans.

Brittany Never Returned

After no connection or return from Brittany, Tiana called the police who went to his home to check up. Demetric and Brittany were both gone. A warrant was put out for his arrest a few weeks later, referring to custodial interference.

They found out Demetric had jumped town when Brittany went missing and went to Memphis Tennessee. On July 7, he’d taken a bus from there to Arkansas. They were able to infer Brittany wasn’t with him on that trip and got very anxious.

In September, they tracked down Demetric in Arkansas. He had checked himself into a medication facility and Brittany was nowhere to be noticed. Demetric resisted arrest put up a big fight and ultimately claimed he didn’t remember where she was. They scoured his possessions and discovered he was using Brittany’s pink iPod and also had rope and a knife on him.

He was caught for custodial interference but kept shtum about what occurred to Brittany. He said he wouldn’t harm his daughter but went between telling he knew where she was and she was comfortable but wouldn’t tell them, to saying he’d never even noticed her that day and he had no clue.


Authorities still doubted foul play and largely scoured Demetrics home for remains but nothing showed up. They still sought custodial interference charges and convicted him to ten years in prison in August 2014, although he pled not guilty. His attorney claimed Demetric wouldn’t provide any data whatsoever about what happened to Brittany, and threatened suicide all the time to get his way.

He was released in December 2016 for good manners, which inflamed Tiana because she said he shouldn’t be authorized out until he ultimately says where Brittany is. She also claims he exhibited zero concern, sorrow, care, or remorse about Brittany when she visited him.

In 2019, Demetric offered to inform someone on a Facebook group dedicated to discovering Brittany what happened and inquired this person to meet him in person so he could notify them but stood them up. He also sent this person a meme of the joker in a jail uniform with the caption “don’t get on my bad side”. He allegedly lives in Florida now.

What do you think occurred to Brittany? If Demetric did murder her what do you think his purpose was to murder his daughter and how has he got away with it for so long? Does anybody believe Brittany might have met a different fate?

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