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Bruno Froment: Needs Information For The Missing Guy

The Disappearance Of Bruno

There is relatively small information on the disappearance of 18-year-old Bruno Froment — but what is known is concerning. Bruno vanished on the 19th of September, 1982, only a month before his 19th birthday. At the period, he was receiving medication at a medical center in the city of Tain l’Hermitage in Drome, France. According to his family, Bruno was “gravely ill” and had just received surgery for a brain tumor.


Bruno was born on the 19th of October, 1963, in the commune of Floating. Floating is located in the Ardennes department, near the Belgium-France border. He was one of the many kids of Marie-Hélène and Jacky Froment.

Bruno still resided in Floating when he vanished — no data is clarifying why he was hospitalized in Tain l’Hermitage, which is in the southeastern department of Drome and more than 600 kilometers away from Floating. It seems he may have been there mainly to receive treatment. The medical center where Bruno was admitted is not named in any public source.

(Note: Tain l’Hermitage is home to Etablissement Médical de La Teppe, a hospital that is recognized for giving specialized treatment to people with epilepsy. Patients with the disease come from all around France to seek treatment. While it cannot be substantiated, I wonder if La Teppe is where Bruno was admitted. Brain tumors are a very common reason for epilepsy and because several patients at La Teppe are from outside the region, it would clarify why he was so far away from home.)

At the time of his disappearance, Bruno stood 180 cm tall, or about 5’11. He had brown hair, blue eyes, and a scar on his forehead. When Bruno allegedly left the medical center, he left his documents and cash behind. Where he may have been directing is unknown.

The Search:

Due to the absence of press coverage and data surrounding Bruno’s disappearance, it’s blurred what official techniques were used to investigate. His family was understandably anxious at his disappearance and made numerous actions to search for him.

The Froment’s did go to law enforcement for assistance. In France, disappearances of adults, without information of a crime or other “worrying” circumstances, are not usually examined by law enforcement — an adult is deemed to have the “right to disappear” freely. In the 1980s, family members of a missing adult whose disappearance didn’t match those classifications could request a since-discontinued method known as the RIF (Recherche Dans l’Intérêt des Familles, or Search in the Interest of Family), in which police would make a try to substantiate if the person was alive, but a full missing individual’s investigation would not be launched.

What constitutes “worrying” is usually law enforcement’s discretion. Due to the situation of Bruno’s case — there was a logical reason to concern for his health — it would likely be classified as such and warrant a full search, but there is no data on whether this occurred. Doe Network lists the Gendarmerie Nationale as the contact for Bruno’s case, but it’s doubtful how or when an official inquiry was launched.

In any case, Bruno’s family was incapable to discover him through their searches, and they never earned any word from him. Over the years, their actions to discover him included pursuing the help of several missing person’s organizations, including the now-defunct Disparition-Espoir (Disappearance Hope). Bruno was listed in that organization’s online database — which has since been taken down. That, along with his Doe Network listing, seems to be one of the only official sources online that pertain to his disappearance.

Despite the actions of the Froment family and Disparition-Espoir, Bruno could never be tracked. It’s blurred if law enforcement has any assumptions about what might have occurred to him; there is no data about whether there were any sightings or other traces reported after his disappearance. It’s now been 39 years, and his location stays unknown.


Nearly four decades after his disappearance, Bruno Froment stays missing. If he is alive today, he will turn 58 this year. Anyone with data about his disappearance is begged to contact the Gendarmerie Nationale.

Unfortunately, both of Bruno’s parents have died in the last few years — his mum in 2018, and his dad in 2020. Mrs. Froment’s obituary mentions Bruno’s disappearance: “disappeared from the Tain l’Hermitage medical center at the age of 19 in 1982, never found”. Mr. Froment’s obituary refers to him as a survivor.

There is not much data publicly accessible on Bruno’s case. It received no media scrutiny. I could discover very little data despite searching in the archives of INA, as well as several newspapers. The only online traces I found besides Doe Network were the Disparition-Espoir listing and his parents’ obituaries.

With so small data, it’s difficult to speculate, but what could have occurred to Bruno Froment? Why did he leave the hospital, and where was he going? How can his case be unraveled today?

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