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Bryce Laspisa: An Unsolved Case Of Strange Events

In 2013- A college sophomore come back to school after expending the whole summer with his parents and within two weeks he vanishes without a trace. According to his roommate and his girlfriend, his behaviour had considerably altered and they were both anxious about him. Bryce had been mixing alcohol with an ADHD medicine (that was not prescribed to him.) After giving some of his holdings to his roommate and breaking up with his girlfriend, he was driving home to CA to where his parents reside.

Bryce And Parents

Remains found near Templin not those of Bryce Laspisa
Pic: Signal CSV

Pretty soon his parents get a phone call from their insurance company asserting that the car that Bryce is driving has just requested roadside assistance. His parents check their credit card records and discover that the card was used in a little town 3 hours away from them named Buttonwillow.

His mother gets a hold of the company that serviced the car and they asserted that the car had run out of gas and they had filled it up enough so the driver could get to a station. Bryce’s mother had inquired about the state of the driver and they told them he looked coherent and fine.

They even volunteered to go back to where the car was found to glimpse if it was still there. Karen, Bryce’s mother, asked if they could do that that would be great. Carlos, the serviceman, arrives and calls Karen and tells them that the car is still there and Bryce is still in it. She begs if she could talk with him since Bryce had been rejecting her calls.

Bryce Gets On Call

Bryce gets on the phone and notifies his mother he is fine he just ran out of gas is all. She tells him to go fill up and drive home. He agrees and everyone goes on their way. Bryce was just 3 hours away from the house and his parents were anticipating him around 3:00 PM. 3:00 PM comes and goes. 5:30 PM. Nothing. He is still not replying to his phone.

Karen calls the police and they end up discovering Bryce sitting in his car just 8 miles away from where the car was serviced. The police warn Bryce to call his mother and he is very hesitant to do so but ultimately, he does. His mum asks him what he’s doing and he doesn’t have any kind of substantial answer for her. That he is just blowing off steam.

She says him he needs to come home asap. After talking with the cop, who did field sincerity and searched his car, they notify Karen that Bryce looks fine. He is replying to all of their questions, he’s aware, coherent. Nothing extraordinary. So the cop leaves. Carlos, the serviceman, after his shift, returns a missed call from Karen. She instructs him how the cops discovered Bryce just 8 miles away when he should’ve been on the highway steering home. Carlos proposed to go check on the new location and notice if he was still there. He was.

13 Hours In Car

Bryce has now been in the town of Buttonwillow for almost 13 hours just sitting in his car. Ultimately, Bryce is assured to begin driving home and Carlos follows him for up to 30 mins until he notices Bryce get on the freeway. After that Carlos calls Karen to tell Bryce is on the freeway heading home. While he’s driving on the freeway he is in connection with his parents a few times and finally, he notifies them he is going to pull over because he is too exhausted to drive, mind you it is now 2:30 AM. They agree and he pulls over on the next exit.

Bryce pulls over near a cell tower where there looks to be a huge body of water right in front of him. It’s misleading though because once you go ahead there is some brush and then a 25ft drop to a street below before you get to the water. Bryce drives ahead towards the water and drives off the cliff. From the car tracks in the brush, he had quickened his car.

There was no indication of him braking so he deliberately is driving, fast, towards this body of water. Ultimately, his car slammed to the road below first landing on the front bumper and falling on its side. The back passenger window was shattered from the inside and all of the belongings were left in the car. His laptop, his cell phone, wallet, clothes. Everything. Two spots of blood were found in the car that was Bryce’s blood but that’s it.

Two bloodhounds traced his odour on a path that was away from street view to a truck stop and there is where his odour ends. And that’s it. Bryce has disappeared.

Break Up

I should mention that when Bryce broke up with his girlfriend, Kim, Kim had phoned Karen to explain that she took Bryce’s keys away from him because he didn’t look like himself and realized he had drugs and alcohol in him and didn’t believe him to drive. Karen talked to Bryce and requested to fly to him so she can be with him and enable him to get home. He said her to not book a flight, he was fine, and that he had a lot to chat to her about. Karen said to Kim that Bryce looked okay and to give him his keys.

People now wonder what Bryce had to say to his mother. He had only been back at school for 2 weeks (actually in class for 4 days) and what could have occurred in those two weeks. Was he stalling in Buttonville so he didn’t have to meet whatever he had to notify her? Did he have so much alcohol and the ADHD drug in him that he had a psychotic episode and drove off the mountain with the intent of murdering himself? Did the car accident give him a concussion to the degree where he doesn’t recall who he is?

What occurred to Bryce Laspisa?

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