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Candace Newmaker: Therapy Killed Her

10-year-old Candace Newmaker was the abusive father’s daughter and the offspring of a teen mother. She was adopted by a nurse when she was 5 years old because she wanted Candace to be her own.

Jeane was aware of Candace’s difficulties. The girl was quite aloof, had attacked kids and animals, and had started a fire in her own house.

Her mother used a contentious therapy called “re-birthing” in an effort to manage her daughter’s behavior.

The risk is that “the child will die if she doesn’t choose to be born. It’s a beautiful thing when the child decides to be born,” the therapist stated.

Candace was curled up in a foetal posture on the ground, covered in a blanket that resembled a womb.

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Imagine yourself as a tiny infant in your mother’s womb and describe the sensations you had, the therapist said.

Candace’s mother was seeing the miracle of her daughter’s rebirth through a television next door.

While four people sat on top of Candace, she was instructed to scream, wail, and squirm her way out of the blanket like a baby!

They assured her that she would have enough of air to breathe while she was in the womb, saying, “You’re going to go through the birth canal.”

After eight minutes, Candace was having trouble breathing.

Whoever is putting pressure on my head isn’t helping, I say.

I’m not capable of doing it. I’m having trouble breathing.

Candace declared she would die a minute later. She yelled:

“Plz, plz refrain from pushing. My airway is closed. I’m sorry, but I’m dying.

She was repeatedly urged to push with her feet, saying, “If you stay in there, you’re going to die and your mommy’s going to die,” by the therapists.

Candace says 20 minutes later while still pleading for assistance:

I’m throwing up, but you promised to give me some oxygen. I just passed out. I must urinate. I must poop.

She voiced concerns about dying, and the therapist replied:

Do you wish to pass away? OK, so pass away. Go ahead, end your life now.

She was disparaged as a quitter and told she would poop herself to death.

“You want me to die, for real, for real?” asked Candace.

She was thereafter questioned about her desire to be reborn.

“No” was Candace’s concluding remark.

They discovered Candace to have turned a light color and to be unresponsive as they removed the blanket.

As her mother wailed, the therapist attempted CPR, but it was too late.

The coroner declared Candace dead.

Candace was killed, and mechanical asphyxiation contributed to her brain herniation death.

She had informed the therapists of her impending death eleven times.

They didn’t give a damn!

Charges of child maltreatment leading to death were brought against Connell Watkins and her aide. They received a 16-year prison term. For criminally negligent child abuse, the other two were given a 10-year probationary period and ordered to complete 1,000 hours of community service.

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