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Canis And David Keller: 16 Hours

On May 8, 1999, Sheila Kyser promised her daughter that she would accompany her when she went to see properties. The previous evening, she had seen Candis, her boyfriend David, and their young son. David and Candis met at school when they were both 19 years old. While caring for their daughter Kayla, Candis was pursuing her G.E.D. while David worked as a plumber.

The couple had returned to their Fort Mitchell, Alabama, home that evening, and everything appeared to be as it should be.

Sheila visited her daughter’s house the following morning, but when Candis didn’t answer the door, Sheila started to search the trailer for signs of life. She discovered her granddaughter, but she appeared to be by herself, so she entered the house by climbing through a window.

Candice Was Dead

Sheila found her daughter’s body in the bedroom after exploring the house. She was shot. Police later discovered David near the front entrance; he had also been shot to death.

Police surrounded the area as soon as they got on the scene. It was incredible that the two-year-old was still alive, and it was assumed that before she was killed, Candis had hidden her daughter from the invader.

When police discovered empty beer bottles and cigarette butts close to the house, they knew they didn’t belong to the young couple. Police concluded that drugs were not the cause of the victims’ deaths because there was no sign of drug use in the mobile home. It was unlikely that it was a burglary gone bad because the jewelry that Candis possessed remained in the house.

Police initially believed the deaths to be a murder-suicide, but that theory was quickly disproven and the investigation circled back to the beginning after the discovery of no murder weapon inside the trailer.

The case quickly went cold due to a lack of information and is still unsolved today. The couple’s grown daughter Kayla decided to launch a GoFundMe page to raise money for a private investigator to assist in the investigation after the case stalled. Page text states:

“I am Candis and David’s daughter. To assist in solving my parents’ unsolved murder, we hope to hire a private detective. They tragically died in a home invasion in 1999 when someone killed them. Since the murders, there has been very little progress in the case’s resolution. Our family would like to raise enough money to open the case and have it properly investigated after receiving a lot of support from community members. Our family would greatly benefit from and appreciate any donations. I want to express my gratitude to everyone in advance for their contributions.

Although we are still far from our $10,000 goal, donations are still coming in.

Pic: True Crime

In the Branching Pines Mobile Home Park off of 911 Highway 165 in Fort Mitchell, Alabama, Candis and David were shot and killed inside their residence. Before she was discovered by her grandmother, it was estimated that their daughter had been left in the house with their dead bodies for about 16 hours.

Was this a murder committed at random, or is there a deeper mystery at play? People are urged to come forward on the couple’s Facebook page.

“Our family is in need of closure and tranquility. Someone must know something, I’m sure of it. What if it were a loved one or child of yours? Please support our family by liking this page and sharing their story. If you have any information, please contact your local law enforcement.

What were you doing on May 8, 1999, a Saturday? Were you close to Fort Mitchell when you saw something odd?

There is still a $10,000 prize for information that identifies the perpetrators of Candis Kyser and David Keller’s murders. Call the Russell County Sheriff’s Office at (334) 298-6535 or visit their website at:

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