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Charlene Downes: Where is she?

What do you think happened to 14-year-old, Charlene Downes?

I think many people agree that it looks obvious charlene was killed, but I want to see what other people’s feeling on the matter is since every time I look at these cases there’s often a new indication that comes to light, such as new suspects new evidence.

Born in 1989, disappeared on Saturday, the 1st of November, 2003, Charlene Downes has now been missing for over 16 years. Her disappearance stays Lancashire Police’s most high-profile missing individual inquiry.


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On the evening she vanished, Charlene met another friend, at around 8.30 PM0PM. Jointly, they visited the Carousel Bar on the North Pier. At 9 PM, a girl can be noticed on CCTV at the junction of a thoroughfare that leads from the North Pier to the center, situated on the junction of Dickson Road and Talbot Road. It’s thought Charlene is the girl on the video. She’s with a woman thought to be in her thirties. The woman – who has blonde hair and a three-quarter-length coat – has never been recognized.

Charlene’s friend tells they left the Carousel Bar and went back to the town center at 10 PM. The final time she saw her was an hour later, in the area of Talbot Road and Abingdon Street. This was the final verified sighting of Charlene Downes.


Charlene’s disappearance wasn’t dealt with as a murder investigation until 2006 when two men were apprehended on suspicion of her killing and a third in association with her disappearance. The two men accused were 29-year-old Iyad Albattikhi, originally from Jordan and the holder of the local Funny Boyz takeaway on Dickson Road, and his business partner Mohammed Reveshi, a 49-year-old former Iranian army sergeant and landlord of 42 properties. The former was accused of having sex with the schoolgirl. The latter with disposing of her corpse.

The Blackpool Gazette reported that the jury at the 2007 trial was told that police had bugged Reveshi’s house and a people carrier he owned. On the tapes, Albattikhi was listened to cheerily explaining that Downes’ corpse had been “chopped up” and “gone into the kebabs”, while Reveshi was recorded saying, “I just cannot forgive myself.” On another recording, Albattikhi was listened to inquiring about how long fingerprints last, to which Reveshi replies reassuringly, saying, “There is nothing left of her. She was here, she perished, that is nothing.”


Nonetheless, the jury failed to reach a ruling. A retrial was set for 2008, though in the time that pastor police officers put up objections to the surveillance evidence. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) were notified. The CPS discovered no evidence against the two men and the trial was called off. Both men were paid £250,000 each in compensation.

Police are now saying that the kebab tale was a fraud that was perpetuated into news outlets by blundering investigations. Now their major suspect is Nigel Lloyd. Cusack now thinks a man called Nigel Lloyd, whose property backed onto the alleyway and kebab shops visited often by Charlene and other groomed girls, is crucial to her disappearance and possible killing. He was residing in the area that Charlene was last noticed to be in, and had previous assaults on girls of Charlene’s age. He was also told to be a part of the pedophile ring going on at that time.

There was also another case of a man who I can’t discover that appeared very suspicious, he owned a cafe across from the Funny Boyz, and the day after Charlene vanished he up and left instantly (moving his whole store and home) without any justification as if to why.

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