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Child Abuse Case: 6-Month-Old Killed By Father

California parents to be tried in baby's death, mom released from jail
Credit: The Californian

Monterey County District Attorney Jeannine M. Pacioni declared that a Monterey County jury found Hector Aguero, Jr., age 27, sinful of child abuse likely to result of worst injuries, with an enhancement for personally causing enormous physical injury on a child; child abuse probable to result in worst physical injury resulting in the casualty of the child; and second-degree murder. Judge Andrew Liu presided.

August 7, 2018

Salinas father accused of child abuse that led to death of 6-month-old baby  found guilty – KION546
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On the morning of August 7, 2018, the baby’s mum left for a job leaving her 6-month-old baby, Hector Aguero III, (“Baby Hector”) with the boy’s dad, Hector Aguero, Jr. Two hours later the defendant called 911 to report that the infant was oblivious, not breathing and in cardiac arrest.
The kid was transported to Natividad Medical Center (NMC) where medical staff started to examine indications of serious, non-accidental trauma. Baby Hector had serious bruising to his buttocks and thighs that blackened and spread as time passed. A CT scan exhibited a displaced head fracture, global brain injury from the absence of oxygen, and inner brain bleeding. The baby also had older brain injuries that had since recovered. Although NMC faculty were eligible to stabilize Baby Hector, it seemed that he was likely already brain dead.

Baby Hectore

Baby Hector was flown to Stanford Hospital where medical experts substantiated Baby Hector’s injuries and his absence of brain activity. On August 8, 2018, a pediatric ophthalmologist examined serious retinal injuries which implied to medical faculty that Baby Hector had been harshly and violently shaken on August 7, 2018. A medical specialist opined that the injuries from this shaking event were so serious that Baby Hector probably would have perished from them within minutes to a couple of hours.

August 11, 2018

On August 11, 2018, Baby Hector was officially announced dead from his traumatic injuries. An autopsy substantiated that Baby Hector had numerous skull fractures at the back of his head, encompassing two fractures at the base of his skull. Founded on the size and location of the injuries, all of the fractures were compatible with deliberately inflicted trauma in at least two different circumstances. Subsequent police inquiries implied that the defendant had a history of committing domestic violence on the baby’s mum. They were also eligible to document various occurrences where Baby Hector underwent unexplained injuries while in the sole care of the defendant.

During querying the defendant conserved that he had not deliberately hurt the baby and only dropped him once while spanking him on August 7th.
During the prosecution, every testifying medical specialist opined that the injuries were resulted in non-accidental abusive head trauma and were among the most serious they had glimpsed inflicted upon a young infant.
The defendant is encountering a maximum verdict of 36 years to life. The case was largely examined by Detectives Ciro Barboza and Kenneth Schwerner of the Salinas Police Department.

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