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Chris And His Mysterious Meeting With Witch

Chris was discovered dead completely clothed inside his bathtub in a kneeling position on Thursday the 18th of April. There were no hints of a battle having taken place or any clues of forced entry. When police scoured the property, they discovered something strange. Crucifixes were all over the apartment, along with numerous books on the Occult, and salt was dispersed around every corner and skirting board of the house.

Chris Had No disease

Religious music played gently within every room. The coroner assumed it was likely caused by acute myocarditis, nonetheless, the fact Chris had no clues of this disease, was otherwise super fit and healthy, the state of his house and what happened on the days leading up to his casualty made his friends and family suspicious.

On April 11th, 1991, Case traveled to San Francisco for a business trip. During that time he greeted an older woman who had a similar interest in music and similar tastes in life. Everything was going smoothly between Case and the anonymous woman and they went on an evening meal together. At some point in the night, she made massive advances towards Case and he politely refused as the woman’s forwardness unsettled him.

Chris Met A woman

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The woman didn’t take the refusal very well. She reacted by telling Case she was a witch and that she was going to curse him. She said, “You will be sorry, you will be dead within a week.” The case was a practical and sane man so he completely brushed off her comment and went home. A few days after this encounter, Case notified his friends he was afraid that the curse this woman had threatened might be substantial.

Case told them he was encountering weird and terrible events in his apartment such as hearing disembodied whispers, glimpsing shadows moving from the corner of his eye, and, weirdest of all, he said he was aroused to the feeling of someone’s hands wrapped around his throat squeezing as badly as they could. The case also reported something was routinely assaulting him in his sleep and he was arousing with scrapes on his hands and face.

17th April

He even pursued help from a bookstore merchant, purchasing many books on how to ward away evil spirits, and confided in a Catholic Priest. On the 17th of April, it all came to a head. He called his friends in fear saying he will most likely perish tonight, and the following day he was discovered dead in his apartment… with the crucifixes around the entire apartment, candles everywhere, lines of salt all over the floor, and church music playing in every room.

So did this recently sane man with no past of mental disease, get so astonished by the threat from the ‘witch’ that he spiraled into madness and frightened himself to death all within the space of a week? Or was something weirder at play here?

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