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Christian Milton Choate: Why I Want To Die?

Christian Milton Choate
(December 27, 1995 – April 2, 2009)

Christian died when he was 13 years old. He sadly passed away after suffering awful abuse at the hands of his dad and his stepmother. The Indiana Department of Child Services reportedly had an inch-thick case file on Christian’s family, and there had been more than a dozen investigations of allegations of abuse dating back to 1999. But Christian and his older sister were never removed from the house.

Christian Lock

Christian was often locked in a dog cage, and, since he was given just a pencil and paper if he asked for something to do, he wrote numerous notes detailing the horrible treatment he received at the hands of his dad and stepmother. He wrote that he was locked in the cage for long periods, and not even authorized to come out to use the restroom. Christian also said that he was starved, and would steal food when he was able to.

He also wrote that he wished that his family would accept him and that he just wanted to be a normal child who could play outside and see his friends. Sadly, Christian was fatally beaten on April 2, 2009. It is thought that his dad punched him in the head many times, before throwing him back in the cage and leaving him to die. Christian’s sister later found that he was unresponsive.

Christian Choate: Father sentenced to 80 years in abuse and death of his  son, 13, found buried in shallow grave after being starved and kept in dog  cage | Daily Mail Online
Pic: Daily Mail


The sister later claimed that her stepmother had her perform CPR, but that it was unsuccessful. She then said that her dad made her wrap Christian’s corpse up before he and the stepmother drove to a close location to dump his corpse. For two whole years, Christian’s dad and stepmother were able to convince others that Christian had run away. But finally, Christian’s sister told her biological mum everything that had happened.

After the mum called the police, Christian’s dad and stepmother led them to where they had buried his corpse. They were both arrested and charged with killing, felony counts of battery, confinement and removing a corpse from a death scene or altering a death scene, three felony counts of obstruction of justice, and three felony counts of neglect of a dependent. The father was later penalized to 80 years in jail, while the stepmother received 35 years.

Christian was a caring and adoring boy. He loved hot wheels cars and action figures and was a huge fan of Pokemon and the Toy Story movies. He is greatly missed by those who cared about him.

Rest in peace, Christian!

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