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Christina Frazier: The Brutal Murder Of Woman

The morning of May 23rd, 1980 began like any other for 36-year-old Christina Frazier. Soon before 7 a.m., she said goodbye to her husband, Charles, who was heading to his job at the State Highway Department. Charles and Christina had just been married for about three weeks and the Anderson, Indiana couple was just getting set into their new life together.

Christina Was Over Killed

Around 4:30 p.m., Charles came back home after work to find out the back door of the couple’s apartment, which had been kicked open. As he entered the small upstairs apartment, Charles noticed big amounts of blood splattered on the walls and floors leading into the bedroom. There, he discovered Christina lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

It was assumed that Christina’s killing had been a case of “overkill.”

Christina was stabbed numerous times. An autopsy disclosed she had been stabbed more than six times in the neck and had several slice wounds across her back, hands, and arms.

She was discovered dressed in her bathrobe. Christina’s murderer had attempted to gag and strangle her numerous times using the robe’s belt, nonetheless, when this failed and Christina battled back, her murderer attempted to use a T-shirt, then an electrical cord, both of which were discovered tied around Christina’s neck as well.

Christina Battled For Life

Pic: Find A Grave

As Christina continued to battle for her life, it is thought she tried to take cover in her bathroom. There, her murderer attacked her once again, whipping Christina in the head and face. The disastrous blow came when Christina’s murderer slammed her head against one of the bathroom fixtures, either the toilet or the bathtub, smashing her skull. It was also assumed that Christina had been sexually attacked.

Due to the absence of contents in her stomach, and the fact that she was still dressed in her bathrobe, it is estimated that Christina was murdered quickly after Charles had left for work, around 7 a.m.

An investigation of the apartment, located at 923 1/2 Nichol Avenue, disclosed that aside from hitting the front door, Christina’s murderer had also cut her phone’s cord. The apartment was in disarray from the battle that had occurred, nonetheless, nothing was missing, including money in Christina’s purse.

Charles was instantly ruled out as a suspect after police substantiated that he had been at work from 7 am to 4 pm that day, and had not left.

When questioned, the downstairs neighbors told detectives that they had heard wild noises coming from the apartment above, nonetheless, they did not investigate the noises further. After interviewing the neighborhood and coming up empty-handed, police turned to Christina’s fellow workers at the local tavern where she worked nights as a waitress. Unfortunately, they turned up no new guides there either.

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