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COLD CASE Of Alma Violet Root & Laura Huff

COLD CASE Of Alma Violet Root & her older sister, Laura Huff

14-year-old Alma Violet Root & her older sister, Laura Huff expended many years in foster care before 1980. The two girls were placed under supervision after they ran away from home to avoid sexual abuse. A third sister had also shifted out of the household by then.

Alma’s dad was sentenced to sexually abusing Alma and Laura and was convicted to a prison term. He was still incarcerated when Alma vanished. The two sisters were very close, although they frequently had to stay indifferent foster homes.

Alma Was Last Seen

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Soon before Alma went missing, the sisters were reunited & went to live with their grandmother in Applegate, California. Alma was last noticed on January 1, 1980. Her 25-year-old boyfriend, Scott Petschek, picked her up from her grandmother’s house that evening.

According to Scott, he & Alma expended some time at his grandmother’s house, then Alma asked him to drive her to her aunt’s house in Rio Linda, California. He dropped her off at her requested destination, then went to his job at McClellan Air Force Base. After work, when he went back to Rio Linda to pick up Alma, she had disappeared.

Scott informed authorities that he did not assume her disappearance was extraordinary since Alma had a reputation as an occasional runaway & hitchhiker. Her family notified investigators that she did not have an aunt who resided in Rio Linda. She may have traveled with an anonymous male companion after her disappearance.

In 1980

Due to her history as a runaway, police thought Alma had left of her own accord in 1980. From the beginning, Laura thought this was not the case; she asserted the two of them had always run away together & Alma wouldn’t have left her behind. Laura contends when she asked Scott what occurred, he told her she would never discover Alma.

The case was reopened in 1991, after Alma’s father’s release from jail, when he went to the police & asked if they had discovered his daughter. Authorities re-interviewed Scott & scoured the well behind his grandmother’s house, but found nothing of interest.

Interestingly, sometime after 1980, Scott was convicted of child molestation & he is now registered as a sex offender. He has never been arrested in Alma’s case & claims he is innocent. Little data is accessible as to Alma’s fate. Her grandparents & dad have died, but her mum & two sisters are still alive. Her case stays unsolved & some agencies still categorize it as a runaway. She prefers to go by her middle name Violet.

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