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Deborah Poe, A Woman Disappeared Mysteriously

On February 4, 1990, 26-year old Deborah Poe appeared to work the graveyard shift at a Circle K convenience store in Orlando. Sometime after midnight, Deborah was attended at the store by her partner, Scott Maggi. When he returned to the store quickly before 4:00 AM, Deborah disappeared without explanation, so the police were informed. Deborah’s Circle K smock was folded up inside the store, but there was no clue of any battle or robbery and the cash register was closed. Deborah’s locked car was also still parked out front and her handbag, paycheck and car keys were inside. A police dog detected Deborah’s odour and traced it from the back of the store through a wood slat fence, but the path finished up at a nearby road. The last substantiated sighting of Deborah inside the store took place around 3:00 AM.

No Deborah

Deborah Poe vanished 25 years ago from Circle K in east Orange - Orlando  Sentinel
Credit: Orlando Sentinel

Nonetheless, the case took an extraordinary turn when an observer came forward to tell she visited often the Circle K sometime between 3:15 and 3:30. Rather of Deborah, a young man with long black hair and a Megadeth T-shirt was behind the counter. The client asked this man for some cigarettes, but he had a problem finding the brand she needed until she indicated him towards it.

After the client bought the cigarettes, the man said “You really shouldn’t smoke, you know” before she left the store. Despite a public appeal for this strange man to come forward, he was never recognized and no one understands if he had any interest in Deborah’s disappearance. It’s apparent he was just a random client who roamed into the empty store and was scheming to steal something but decided to pose as a clerk when the female client walked in and saw him behind the counter.

Suspect In Case

The unsolved disappearance of Deborah Poe | Mysteriesrunsolved
Pic: Mysteries Unsolved

In recent years, police have asserted they have a suspect in mind but have never publicly disclosed their identity. In March 2002, detectives scoured a lot behind the Chapel Hill Baptist Church, located five miles from the Circle K. Dogs detected the odour of human remains but failed to turn up anything. Though police have not reduced the likelihood that remains were buried there at some point. Curiously, in one of the articles from that duration, one of the investigators commented. That the area was near a suspect’s house.

Years ago, a brief documentary about the case was broadcasted on Youtube. Which disclosed that Deborah’s boyfriend, Scott Iaggi, resided across the street from the church and worked as a pastor there. So does this imply he’s the main suspect? Police have never elaborated on this. While it might appear extraordinary, he showed up at the store at 4:00 AM to report Deborah missing. It wasn’t unusual for him to check up on her at different hours since she laboured the graveyard shift alone. Just two weeks before her disappearance, Deborah was stalked around the store by a nude man who was never caught.

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