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Doris Kain: No One Cares

On March 6, 1976, police in Fort Wayne, Indiana received a report of a missing person. The caller described themselves as Ronald Kain, age 35. Ronald stated that he had been unable to contact his mother, Doris Kain, 65, for more than two weeks. Investigators conducted a wellness check at 714 East Camden Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana, but were unable to make contact with Doris.

House Of Doris

On March 19, thirteen days later, the police conducted a second wellness check at Doris’ residence. When repeated attempts to make contact failed, detectives entered the residence. Police became aware of a terrible odor emanating from one of the home’s three bedrooms while they searched for traces of Doris.

Investigators discovered Doris Kain’s severely decomposed body stuffed beneath a bed in the main bedroom. A postmortem examination would establish that she died from “manual strangulation.” The evidence suggested that Doris’ murderer strangled her with a clothesline before concealing her body beneath the bed. While her approximate time of death was first stated as February 11th, Ronald later informed investigators that the last time he saw his mother in person was on February 21st.

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Doris lived her entire life in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She was formerly married to Dwight Kain. The couple has two children, Ronald and Larry. Dwight departed away in 1960 due to an unexpected heart attack, leaving Doris a widow. Larry, their younger son, eventually migrated to California, while Ronald remained in Fort Wayne to raise his own family. Doris lived alone and worked as a cashier at the local K-mart at the time of her murder.

Doris was laid to rest at Riverview Cemetery in DeKalb County, Indiana, in a simple private ceremony. Ronald, her son, died in 2013 at the age of 71.

Aside from a few media pieces and a death certificate, there is very little information about Doris’s case. It appears that Doris’ case, like so many others, has been mostly forgotten as time has passed. Regardless of how unlikely it may be, perhaps one day Doris’ surviving family will finally receive the long-awaited closure of an arrest. The murder of Doris Kain remains unsolved until then.

Writer: TheBonesOfAutumn

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