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Elizabeth Barraza: Happy Life Ended By Unknown

Elizabeth And Her Husband

Elizabeth had wedded her husband Sergio Barraza in 2014. The pair shifted into their house in Texas in 2016. By all accounts, their connection was great and they were best friends. Elizabeth is said to have been an amazing, kind person who would give up her own time for anyone, always assisting people. From the explanation of Elizabeth’s character, she appears the last person you would anticipate something like this to occur to. Edit to add: Elizabeth and Sergio resided alone with their dog. They didn’t have kids.

Elizabeth and Sergio were part of a charity group called the 501st legion. The group outfits as ‘bad guys’ from Star Wars and accomplishes voluntary work in the regional area. As a portion of her service in the group, Elizabeth was outfitted as a stormtrooper. And toured kids who were ill in hospital. She and Sergio were big Star Wars and Harry Potter fans. Together they would attend Comic-Con annually.

Elizabeth worked as a data reporter for a pipeline inspection company.

The shooting took place outside of Elizabeth’s home in Cedar Walk Drive in Tomball, Texas, at 6:52 am on Friday the 25th of January 2019. Sergio had left for work just 4 minutes before.

Here’s what we know:

Elizabeth (also known as Liz) was preparing an impromptu garage sale outside of her house to gather some more money for an anniversary trip. She was going to take it with her spouse Sergio. They had already packed their cases, and they were presumed to leave in 2 days. She had taken the day off work and hadn’t notified anybody about the garage sale bar a few co-workers, family, and friends. She and Sergio had aroused that morning and placed signs outside the front of their home. But she was pausing to be set up before advertising it anywhere. Sergio left for work at 06:48 am.

The video reveals a person pulls up in a truck at 06:52 am and walks up to Liz. They talk to her for around 8 seconds, before shooting her three times. Elizabeth then falls to the ground, and the anonymous attacker stands over her and fires a fourth. And last shot at Elizabeth’s head, before sprinting back to their truck.

2 Years After Texas Woman Was Shot Dead Setting Up Garage Sale, New Video  Released in Hopes of Finding Killer | Inside Edition
Pic: Inside Edition

The truck is now substantiated to be a Nissan Frontier, 4×4, with a Pro-4X sticker attached. The police suppose the truck is 2013 or newer, and a dark color, probably black. According to the police, this wasn’t a popular vehicle in that special region.

The suspect had pulled into the region minutes before Sergio left for work. They paused for him to leave, before making their way to Elizabeth’s home. The police say the suspect drives off, and circles back around to confirm that Elizabeth is lifeless, before leaving the region. The exact car could be noticed driving around the region and Elizabeth’s house the night before her killing.

The impression of the suspect is heavily disputed. Several say the suspect seems to be a man wearing a wig and a costume. Others think it is a woman wearing what glances like a robe. People frequently correlate the dress to that of Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker.

The police think that this was a targeted assault aimed at Elizabeth and not a case of false identity. They tell that whoever carried out the assault appeared to be familiar with the ring doorbell security camera the Barraza’s had, that they appeared to know Elizabeth would be off work and that they haven’t ruled anyone out as suspects. They substantiate that they have tested both Elizabeth and Sergio’s devices, and couldn’t discover any information that either of them was having an affair or being endangered.

In January 2020, a warrant was filed by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. They thought the outcomes of the warrant would give answers – nonetheless, the details of the warrant are unknown. Several speculate that the warrant could be related to cell phone data which may substantiate who was in the region at the time. Again this has never been substantiated.

In July 2020, the police gave the final update available in this case. After more examination of the surveillance footage, they substantiate that Elizabeth can be listened to happily saying “good morning” to her murderer. They think this verifies that Elizabeth didn’t know who the murderer was, and furthers their assumption that somebody was hired to murder Elizabeth. They also substantiate that a robbery is ruled out in this case, as nothing was snatched from the table, including $100 in a cash box that stayed untouched.

The police appear to think that at least two people are involved. They have mentioned that Elizabeth’s case seems to be a ‘hit’ in several interviews over the last two years. Deputy Michael Ritchie, the lead investigator, thinks that the truck swiveled back around after Elizabeth was murdered, so the killer could notify the other person that the ‘job was done’

Many surprises if Elizabeth may have depressed somebody in the 501st Legion. Whilst surveying this case, I trawled the entire website to figure out who could and couldn’t apply. As long as you’re over 18 and have a curiosity about Star Wars, you’re eligible. The applicant desires to create a professional dress. That copies a character in the movie (from the substantial approved list they provide), before sending pictures to the legion to be inspected. From what I can tell, Elizabeth wouldn’t have had a say in this procedure. And there are thousands and thousands of members in the Legion.

Elizabeth’s spouse is frequently doubted in this case. It isn’t Sergio carrying out the shooting in the surveillance footage. But many are surprised if he was having an affair utilizing a different device. Or whether he organized to have Elizabeth murdered. The police insist he has been highly cooperative, and Sergio proceeds to speak to the police. But many can’t shake the comments about the ring doorbell security camera. And the murderer appears to know that Elizabeth would be off work that day.

So who murdered Elizabeth Barraza?

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