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Emma Walker: Stalked, Abused, Killed


Assassination Of Emma Walker

It all began in 2016 when Emma, then 16 years old, was living with her family in Knoxville, Tennessee, a bustling metropolis. She was characterized by everyone who knew her as a very cheerful, outgoing, family-oriented girl who genuinely cared about others. She was a cheerleader for the school and an honor student. She loved taking care of newborns, thus her dream job was neonatal nursing. She met Riley during her freshman year of high school. Since he played for the football team, he was quite well-liked.

Those who knew him characterized him as a generous and humorous man. Emma appreciated that he was also highly committed to the church. though he did have a girlfriend. Riley decided to switch Emma for his girlfriend. Riley and Emma were the epitomai of a high school pair; he was the star quarterback and she was his cheerleader. Riley’s ex-girlfriend went to prom, so Emma’s family and friends were concerned that he wasn’t treating her seriously. during their time together. Emma was unconcerned about the circumstance. She was highly independent and believed she could make her own decisions, thus she didn’t want anyone to interfere with their relationship.


Riley and Emma’s parents have since experienced some conflict. Riley was also never eager to get to know Emma’s friends; in fact, he made an effort to keep her away from them. Riley eventually stopped allowing Emma to go out with her pals as time went on. Riley had a strong desire for control and possession. He dictated what she could and could not wear, and when Emma left for work, he accompanied her and waited with her the entire shift. Periodically, he would call her phone and inquire about her whereabouts, her companions, and her activities.

They seemed like picture-perfect high school sweethearts, but their toxic  relationship ended in murder - ABC News
Pic: ABC

Their relationship eventually turned toxic. In high school, they existed for two years on and off. When they finally made up their minds to end their relationship, Emma was devastated. She quit the cheerleading squad and began quarreling with her parents. Emma was never like that, so her parents were taken aback. Riley would continue to bother her and send her unsettling messages while she missed work. “You’re dead to me,” he said. I’ll look up the death notice. F*** you… He even threatened to kill himself if she didn’t accept him back and blackmailed her. To prevent Emma from speaking to Riley, Emma’s parents confiscated her phone and forbade Riley from accessing their home.

Riley continued to try to talk to Emma despite this. He offered her an iPad to help them stay in touch while they resumed their relationship. Riley completed high school a few months later. Riley had to travel to college, which was 30 minutes away from their hometown because he was two years older than Emma. They both agreed to keep in touch while living apart. Naturally, Emma’s parents did not concur; they were concerned since they had a negative impression of Riley. Even when it wasn’t with their consent, they always managed to stay in touch. Emma’s parents forbade her from leaving the house save for work or school because they were anxious about their connection. Keeping her inside started to pay off. But ultimately, everything started to go wrong once more. Riley began sharing Snapchat stories with several college females, which Emma first noticed. Because Emma had grown weary of their issues, she decided to terminate things with him once and for all. The fact that it appeared that the breakup this time was serious made Emma’s parents very happy. Riley could not handle the split well at all, so he attempted suicide by drinking booze and mixing drugs, but he lived.

Emma’s high school football team won a crucial game on November 18, so one of their pals decided to organize a celebration party. Emma’s parents decided to let her go because Riley’s situation was much more under control. At the party, Emma started getting bizarre text messages from an unknown number that warned her to leave the house alone if she didn’t want someone she loved to be hurt. Emma and a buddy went outside but saw no one, so they forgot and returned to the party. Emma’s buddy became concerned and urged her to call the police, but Emma said she didn’t care because it was probably just a joke and didn’t care that she received another message shortly after entering stating, “don’t you realize that I said to go out alone?”. Emma spoke to her friends and they decided to go outside to see what was going on. When they came outside, they saw a boy lying in the bushes, face down. Guess who it was? A half-hour later, she received another message: “I am next to the house, it is a pity that suddenly you do not give importance to other people’s lives.” You’re right, Riley. Riley stood up and started acting extremely bewildered. He said that someone had abducted him and left him on the floor. Only Emma gave him credit. When she began to feel particularly depressed, she asked one of her friends to bring him home. Emma dozed out at the party that night, and when she awoke, she decided that it was time to go home. On the way home, she noticed that someone was strolling around her house in her neighborhood wearing only black clothing. She started to change when she realized she was alone when she got home because she had arrangements for lunch with her mother. She was alarmed when someone suddenly began hammering very loudly on her door, so she called one of her friends. Riley receives a call from Emma claiming that “she needed him,” and Riley reassures Emma that he is on his way to her house. Riley additionally declared that he would “rescue” her. Riley is expelled from the house when Emma’s mother catches Emma and Riley conversing when she gets home.

Emma was deeply affected by all that had happened on November 20, 2016. Her parents then took her out for ice cream to calm her down. They got home quickly, said goodnight, and went to bed. Emma’s father woke up in the middle of the night to investigate some really loud noises. He went to check on Emma and her brother’s room, but everything appeared to be as it should be, so he returned to bed.

November 21, 2016, at around 6:00 a.m., Emma’s mother rises to begin the day. To wake Emma up and leave her clothing ready, she goes to her room. She tries to rouse her awake, but when she holds her leg, she feels how cold she is. Emma’s lack of response bothers her mother. Emma’s mother immediately dials 911.

When the police showed up, they found what appeared to be vomit on Emma’s pillow, but it was brain tissue. When they turned to look at Emma, they saw that she had a gunshot wound to her left ear. Her father quickly understands that the noises from the previous night were gunshots.

As they started to look around the space, they noticed two gunshot holes in the wall. The shots, which appeared to be coming from the outside, were coming from Emma’s room’s corners and were directed at her bed. This suggests that the shooter knew the location of her bedroom and bed. They started searching the outdoors for more proof before concluding that a 9mm pistol was used.

Riley began writing memorials about Emma a few days later, expressing his love and loss for her. All of Emma’s pals were questioned by the police to find out whether they knew of anyone who might have wished to harm Emma. Riley’s pals agreed that he was to blame, accusing him of acting “like a stalker.” Riley’s friends Alex and Noah also informed the investigators that Riley had just shown them that he possessed a gun. That Riley’s granddad had reported his gun missing and that the man was using it for protection (Note)*

Riley was the first suspect as a result, and the police detained him for questioning. They picked up on how oddly he was referring to Emma as “the girl” rather than by her name. He appeared dispassionate to the detectives as if what had happened to Emma did not concern him. When they questioned him about his whereabouts on the night Emma was killed and the location of his grandfather’s pistol, all he kept replying was that he knew NOTHING.

After a while, Riley receives a video game-related invitation from his friends. The cops hid wires and a camera before Riley arrived to listen in and record all that was said. As soon as Riley arrived, they immediately began discussing what had happened to Emma, and Riley begged his buddies for assistance. In addition to telling them he was innocent and had done nothing wrong, he requested their help in getting rid of the gun in the river and claimed he didn’t want it.

The same night, the three of them plan to get rid of the gun by going to the river, but first, they decide to stop and eat. Noah and Alex were aware that some undercover police were after them. Noah sent a message to the police asking them to come to retrieve him after they led them to the river’s parking area. After arriving, the cops detained Riley. Riley was found guilty of first-degree murder and six other offenses. The revolver and the black clothing that Emma had seen on the strange man wandering around the neighborhood were inside his bag. They believed he was the individual who came to her home that day.

May 2018

At the age of 51, Riley was found guilty and given a life sentence with the possibility of parole.

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