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Eve Stratford And Lynne Weedon Case

One case which had earned the limelight in the UK was the killing of Eve Stratford (aged just 21), which was incredibly correlated to the killing of Lynne Weedon (aged just 16) after thirty years.

Eve And Lynne Had Same Person

Police renew appeal over two 1975 London murders | Crime | The Guardian
Credit: The Guardian

In 2004 the two murders were found to have been committed by the same perpetrator utilizing DNA testing. And so, two killings across distinct parts of a sprawling London were ascertained to have been committed by a serial killer – who for forty years had been hiding in plain sight.

Eve’s killing occurred on the 18th March 1975 while Lynne’s was nearly six months after on the 10th September 1975 both occurring in suburban London.

Eve And Lynne And A Third

There were also possible links to the third killing of Lynda Farrow who was murdered in her home in the January of that year with many resemblances to the other two.

The three killings were all in the Greater London region of Leyton, Hounslow, and Chigwell.

The double killings occurred in 1975 and it is chilling to reckon that the murderer has been probably been wandering free every since. The case was re-opened in 2007 but it is one of those that we are not any near to despite all of the years passed.

As of 2020, the case stays open.


Eve Stratford had shifted to Leyton with her partner in 1972, raised by a German mum and English dad in the Aldershot region of southern England.

At the time of her, demise Eve was working as a playboy bunny in the Playboy Club of Park Lane which had steered to the tragic dubbing of the killer as the “Bunny Killer.” Eve was also a centerfold for Mayfair magazine – an adult magazine – the piece had been published just days before her killing.

Eve was discovered by her boyfriend at their flat in Leyton. Her throat had been slashed numerous times and a nylon stocking was tied to one ankle while she was bound with a scarf. Lynne’s partner at the time was Tony Priest – the head singer of pop band Onyx (not to be confused with a 1990s Hip Hop Act).

There is potential that Eve knew her murderer. Neighbors were said to have listened to the muted discussion, followed by a bang with no noticeable ruckus and no harm to suggest forced entry.

There was semen discovered on Eve’s clothing and a bouquet of bloody flowers was next to her corpse when she was found. I have to say that the police described the rape as “likely” with police at the time being incapable of ruling out consensual sex. While this may appear pragmatic on behalf of the investigators. I feel it casts hints on the victim.

This had all happened around early evening between 4 pm and 5 pm on March 18th, 1975.

One fascinating theory was that the murderer was a stalker that knew Eve’s whereabouts and when she would be home alone (bear in mind she resided with three men). They could very probably have disguised themselves as a flower delivery man (explaining the blood-soaked fresh bouquet).

This assumption was posted on many forums online and should only be deemed that – a theory.


Lynne’s killing appeared a bit more at random but no less awful.

A lot younger and less popular than Eve – Lynne was just a schoolgirl who was murdered on her way home after 11 pm in September of that year; after an evening out with friends Lynne was stepping alone.

Investigators thought that she was followed on foot from the Great Western Road through an alleyway called The Short Hedges where she was bludgeoned and hurled into the grounds of an electrical substation (a common eyesore in urban England).

Lynne perished a week later in hospital from her traumas which comprised blunt force trauma.

It wasn’t until the 21st Century that the two were ultimately related together as being perpetrated by the exact person which means that for over 40 years there has been a London Serial Killer that had fallen totally below the radar with two definite casualties to his claim and more potentially related.

While the British media may revel in promoting these legendary gruesome figures of the night such as Jack the Ripper and Jack the Stripper; we shouldn’t glamorize anybody eligible of such foul purpose by creating legends of elusive serial killers and we should concentrate on the significant tragedy which was the innocent women’s lives being cut short in their peek just to serve the miserable needs of a sadistic psychopath.

For better or for worse, this one flew totally under the radar of British media and their hysteria.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Mortimer, from the Homicide and Serious Crime Command quoted in 2007 said: “Advances in forensic science mean that we can re-look at specific older cases with the very actual likelihood that some improvement can be made that would not have been reasonable previously.

“As a result, we now have a DNA link between the killings of Eve and Lynne, who was just 16 at the time of her demise. We think the murderer could have confessed to someone over the years about what occurred or might even have bragged about the killings.

“They have kept a dark secret for the last 30 years and I’m certain they would have felt the desire to share this responsibility with someone. We plea to anyone who thinks that they might have some evidence, nonetheless apparently unimportant, to come forward.”

Both killings featured on the iconic BBC show Crimewatch in 2007 when the Cold Case was re-opened.

The murderer likely realized Eve and this was a powerful hunch by investigators nonetheless with Lynne it may have been a period born out of savage opportunism. Nonetheless; despite new pleas opening up apparently every decade there is nothing to note that stands out as having been disclosed between the DNA finding and the present day.


Lynda Farrow (a casino croupier) was expectant at the time of her demise. She was apparently stabbed, with her head totally severed using a freezer knife. Nonetheless; one thing that may rule out a relation to the other two is that the killing was not apparently sexual.

A man was noticed running from the region at the time that was in their late 20s, 5’9 wearing a donkey jacket and wellingtons. This occurred on Whitehall Road in Chingford and a Ford Cortina was glimpsed departing Whitehall Road around the time of the killing.

From the description above I guess we could rule out Lynda as being related to the first two with people even implying the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe was correlated to this crime (Yorkshire however is quite far from Chingford).

The Met Police proposed a £20,000.00 reward for solving this case back in 2009.


These cases do not age well. The steers appear almost non-existent at present and despite the appearance of DNA, and as people start to perish or simply forget, closure on such cases appears almost impossible. There is a powerful fact that the murderer himself is dead.

Two linked killings and a serial killer apparently loose in 1975 London and it regrettably took forty years to even relate the murders and shed light on the reality that a serial killer had been wandering the streets of London and getting away with it for such a long time.

While Britain has a lurid and problematic history of crime and we have some of the most popular serial killers on record; here was one operating in such a savage and predatory nature and zero even knew that he existed.

Nonetheless; in a world of boosting technological advancement and avid interests in True Crime – a day of analysis may come for Eve, Lynne, and Lynda.

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