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Fawn Mountain: Abusive Relation And Strange Case

Fawn Mountain has been missing since November 20th, 2012 from Claysburg, PA. (Located in Blair County)

Let’s start with the before she vanished. Fawn was born on March 2nd, 1987. She appears to have a past of abusive connections up until 2009 when she met Heather at an Altoona nightclub. I can’t disclose when Heather and Fawn shifted to Claysburg together but their connection was labeled as “fast-moving”.

The Disturbingly Bizarre Disappearance of Fawn Mountain | Chameleon
Pic: True Crime Stories

Fawn Followed The Relation

Heather had 6 PFA’s against her from ex-partners. Her relationship with Fawn appeared to follow the exact abusive pattern. She was never authorized out of Heather’s sight. There were numerous domestic calls. At one point Fawn was compelled to cut off family and even filed PFA’s against them. Nonetheless, in October 2012, Fawn left Heather and went home to her mum. For some reason, Fawn came back to Heather. On November 20th, the pair expended the day at Heather’s family-owned butcher shop preparing for the upcoming deer season. This was the last anyone besides Heather noticed her.

Friends of Heather stated within weeks of Fawn’s disappearance the trailer the couple shared was completely renovated. Carpet, floorboards, and more…all eliminated and replaced. Sometime after that, a concrete block was also poured. The trailer has since been destroyed. Police dogs scoured the property years later and the slab was ripped up but nothing was discovered.


Credit: The FB Page

Let’s go back to the police involvement…there was none! When she had not made contact with her family for some time, they inquired the PD to do a welfare check. The PD stated they did but there is no record of this. Heather altered her story numerous times on Fawn’s whereabouts. Finally, the family went to the police to make the missing persons report but the police never really filed it. Three years later the family acknowledges this was never officially filed and goes back to the PD. After a lot of apologies, the police did declare Fawn as an “Endangered Missing” and a case was begun. Which appears to be mostly dead ends…

I do feel it’s crucial to note that Heather’s major story is that Fawn ran away. Nonetheless, the ashes of a miscarriage Fawn had years prior wherein the trailer. Her family claimed she would not go anywhere without her kid’s ashes, even if she left in a rush.

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