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Four Unsolved Mysteries That Will Blow Your Mind

The past sometimes brings with it a fascinating and remarkable unsolved mystery, which today it is virtually unthinkable to solve. These are six cases that have shaken the public impression of their period and that, even today, are the topic for an enormous literature, from the current of the conspiracy to that of the UFO, from the paranormal to the most logical investigations. The charm lies in getting lost to hypothesize alien scenarios or, in any case, mysterious, to clarify something that man, with his limited abilities, has not yet succeeded in motivating.

Unsolved Mystery Of The Nine Dead Of The Dyatlov Pass

Dyatlov Pass incident - Wikipedia
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In 1959, ten students and recent graduates of the Ural technical institute and specialist hikers decided to challenge the hills of the Urals mountains, in the then Soviet Union. One of them, Jurij Judin, quit due to health problems in Vižaj, the last inhabited outpost before continuing to the Otorten, the “mountain of death”. The 9 members of the group strolled towards the top of the mountain, and on February 1, near the summit, they assembled a base camp to spend the night, when they ate their last meal.

During the night, something drove them to rip the curtain from the inside, run out half-naked without shoes and clothes with -30 ° C outside, halt near a tree and attempt desperately to light a fire, in a try not to perish fatigued. Two of them found death by hypothermia under the Cedar tree, about 1.5 kilometers from the tent, while three of them perished between the tent and the tree itself, instances that indicated that the three were attempting to return to the ‘camp.

The corpses were discovered on February 26th, from a varied expedition composed both by the authorities and by voluntary students. The remaining 4 hikers were not tracked until May 4, when they were found in a gorge dug by a stream under 4 meters of snow, 75 meters away from the Cedar. Two of them had their thorax knocked by a “non-human” force, identical to the consequence of a car accident, while the girl had her tongue cut off, she lacked part of the jaw, and no longer had eyes. The four were discovered wearing the clothes of the other bodies, a sign that they undressed them after demise, in a desperate try to save themselves.

Inquiry of The Unsolved Mystery

The inquiry and autopsies insured that six hikers perished of hypothermia, while the other three were murdered by a combination of disastrous trauma and hypothermia. There were no evidence of other people on the site, while those of the boys were still apparent in the snow, and exhibited how all six had moved away from the tent by mutual agreement. The few clothes of the boys had very high levels of radioactivity, unthinkable to explain in a region so untouched by man.

The corpses of the walkers were all, inexplicably “tanned”, as if they had been colored brown. A group of other walkers who were 50 kilometers away from the spot of affirmation alleged to have seen “fireballs” cross the sky that night, towards the camp of Russian students. The justification of the occurrence that gave the Russian authority was an “irresistible unknown force”, which urged 9 expert hikers to leave the tent with a fatal temperature outside, walking in the dark of night without worrying to gear up to stay alive at least until the next morning and eventually throw into a bottomless cliff. The mystery is, to date, still totally unexplained.

Unsolved Mystery Of The Sinking Of The SS Ourang Medan

Story of the Cursed Death Ship — Ourang Medan - Bugged Space

In June 1947 a ship named Ourang Medan was traveling in the Strait of Malacca when he delivered a warning indication to nearby ships. The message read: “All the officers, comprising the captain, are dead, and they are in the boating room and on the bridge. Maybe the entire crew is dead “After a pause, the message concluded:” I think like I’m going to perish, help me “.

An American ship, the Silver Star, heard the message and went to examine. Once onboard, it was noted that the whole crew was dead, each with a horrified expression on his face. There was no indication of battle or disruption on the ship. The hull was flawlessly in order, but all the crew members were dead. The American ship, named Silver Star, started to tow the Ourang Medan to the closest port, but the ship unexpectedly caught fire and sank in a short time.
The hypotheses on the disappearance of the ship were numerous, but many think it is a tale invented of a healthy plant. A reasonable hypothesis is that the ship held a cargo of clandestine sulfuric acid and that this murdered the whole crew with the exhalations. When the ship started to be towed, the acid responded with seawater, igniting the whole boat.

Unsolved Mystery of Children Of The Sodder Family

The Children Who Went Up In Smoke | History | Smithsonian Magazine
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On Christmas Eve of 1945, the Sodder family was expending a calm family evening. The mother went to bed letting five of the ten kids (one engaged in military service) play in the living room, guaranteeing to put everything in order at the end of the evening. The woman received a chilling call at midnight, during which somebody was looking for a man with an unimaginable name, and who stopped with a shrill laugh.

Jennie noticed that the kids had not closed the shutters, and went back to bed. About one-thirty, in the morning the fires simmered in the home, and the parents with four of their children left the home. George Sodder ran to take the ladder to get his kids upstairs, but he noticed that it had been removed. Now the upper floor was unapproachable because of the blazes, and the six relatives could not but discern the house that was demolished with the five boys still inside.


The next morning nobody was discovered inside the house, not even the remains of bones or anything else that made people guess about the likelihood that there was someone inside. The telephone wire was cut and the scale was no longer discovered. The investigation was closed. The five Sodder kids declared dead. But the parents did not give stability for a lifetime. Not thinking that the children were inside the home during his fire.

The family also hired a private investigator to investigate the disappearance of their kids, but these perished in mysterious conditions. Twenty years after the occurrence, the Sodder received a photograph by post. Without the sender’s address, with a picture of a boy, Louis, who was extremely similar to that of his son. On the back of the photo was written only: Louis Sodder.
One theory, the one deemed most likely. States that the kids were kidnapped by a mafia-style organization correlated to Sicily. (The ZIP code of Louis was 90132 – Palermo). Substantiated by the fact that the Sodder themselves were of Italian origin (Soddu was the original surname). The parents never gave peace, but nothing assisted their distress, since the kids were never discovered. The family perished without ever knowing what happened to the boys, George Sodder in 1969 and Jennie in 1989.

Unsolved Mystery Of The Death Of The Gruber Family On The Hinterkaifeck Farm

Hinterkaifeck Murders - Horror in a Bavarian Farm - Hinter kaifeck  Documentary - YouTube
A PiC By: Marshall’s Docs

In a little Bavarian village, not far from Munich, the 63-year-old Andreas Gruber lived with his wife Cäzilia, the widowed daughter Viktoria Gabriel and the kids of Viktoria, Cäzilia, and Josef. A few days before the killing, Andreas said to his neighbors that he had found some snowprints that led from the verge of the forest to the farm, but none came back. He told he had also heard footsteps in the attic and also discovered a newspaper in the property, a very odd fact since no one in the family had ever purchased one. It was March 1922. Six months earlier the prior maid had left the employment saying that the farm was invaded with a ghostly presence. With great complication, the Grubers found a new worker, Maria Baumgartner, who came into service a few hours before the horrible events of the Hinterkaifeck farm.

What Occurred?

What occurred on Friday 31 March is difficult to say. It is thought that the elderly couple, as well as their daughter Viktoria and daughter Cäzilia, were somehow drawn into the barn one by one, where they were murdered. The killer then went to the home where he murdered his two-year-old son, Josef, who slept in the crib in his mother’s bedroom, as well as the maid, Maria Baumgartner, in her bedroom.

The following Tuesday, April 4, some neighbors moved to the farm because none of the inhabitants had been glimpsed in the village since Friday, a very extraordinary fact. The postman also noted that the mail was yet in the pocket, even though it was transmitted on Saturday. They discovered the animals on the farm well looked after for, some meals eaten in the kitchen of the home, and an apparent human presence that had occupied the house until a very short time before the arrival of the villagers.

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