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Ghost Of Portlock Town In-Port Chatham Bay Alaska

Portlock is a ghost town in the U.S. state of Alaska, placed on the southern edge of the Kenai Peninsula, around 16 miles (26 km) south of Seldovia. It is located in Port Chatham bay, after which a surrounding community takes its namesake. Named after Nathaniel Portlock, the town was an active cannery population in the early twentieth century. The inhabitants of the town purportedly disappeared en masse in the 1950s after various unsolved killings and disappearances. Portlock was organized in the Kenai Peninsula in the early twentieth century as a cannery, especially for salmon. It is believed to have been named after Captain Nathaniel Portlock, a British ship captain who sailed there in 1786.

In 1921, a U.S. Post Office was inaugurated in the town. The community mainly comprised of Russian-Aleuts, Portlock was located adjacent to another population. Known as Port Chatham (which takes its name from Port Chatham bay). Seldovia is located c. 16 miles (26 km) north of Portlock; a chromite mining centre remembered as Chrome, was also located near Portlock. This governed in the early-twentieth-century (MYSTERIES) bizarre occurrences in Portlock, south of Homer. These tales point to a big hairy beast, tinier hairy devils that travel in packs. A wailing spirit that roamed the forest, and many casualties that were difficult to understand.

Ghost Mystery Began With An Unusual Death In The 1930s.

“A lumberjack was out working and something or somebody slam him over the head with a large piece of logging appliance, something that one man couldn’t have lifted. When they discovered his corpse, there was blood on the appliance and there were no means that one individual could have done it. He was a good ten feet from the logging equipment, so it’s not like he slid, fell, and slam his head. It looked more like someone grabbed it up and bonked him over the head.”

There are lots of reports of ghosts being glimpsed in the region.

Port Chatham Is The Creepiest Abandoned Town In Alaska
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“The regional Natives began talking about a beast, a hairy Big Foot kind Yeti ghost and it was called the National or big hairy beast as it was called. At that similar time, the townies talked about glimpsing a spirit of a woman outfitted in black clothes that would come out on the mountains above town. They interpreted her dress as being so long that she would have to drag it. She had very white skin and would yell and moan. The villagers would listen to something and then she would vanish back into the cliff face, surely a ghost.”

In the 1920s, a man by the name of Albert Petka frightened of the hairy beast with his dogs, but not before attaining a disastrous hit to the chest. According to the stories, Petka survived to clarify what happened but perished to his wounds soon after. There are also statements of prospectors and hunters going missing often to the point that it became commonplace. Their corpses were allegedly discovered in a creek as if their limbs had been torn apart. A school teacher in the 1970s even talked about growing up in Portlock and also told tales of people being scared of what could be roaming in the night.

People Swear This

People swear by this. For the residents that grew up in the region, this thing has lived for hundreds of years. There was a minor village site at Portlock before it was established and those people had initially moved away.”

“When the 1930s occurrences began to happen most of the Russian Aleuts shifted out of town. The people running the cannery asked their workers to come back and they set up armed guards for a brief period, attempting to get their workers back in town.”, the town’s post office officially shut down between 1950 and 1951, today what’s left of this town is still abandoned.

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