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Gina Hall’s Murder Case And Missing Body

This is a homicide case that has been unraveled and the killer is serving life in jail, the dilemma is where is Gina Hall’s body!
Gina Hall was killed and her corpse has never been discovered. Her spirit haunts a building near to where they discovered her car. Some have communicated with Gina in the basement of this building. She remains stuck in the building because her corpse has never and most probably will never be discovered.
This is the tragic ghost story I’ve personally experienced and my friend surely communicated with her ghost. She can not leave because she wants her corpse discovered.

Here is the story of Gina killing.

Gina Renee Hall partial remains found - Defrosting Cold Cases
Deforsting Cold Case

Gina Hall was a freshman at Radford University in 1980, enrolled in the summer session. She was last noticed after she went out dancing with companions at the Marriott nightclub in Radford, Virginia on June 28, 1980. One of her friends, Stephen Epperly, who taught at Radford University, persuaded her to go with him to a cabin at Claytor Lake. When queried by police, Epperly told he and Hall had gone to the cabin and she called her sister and stated she would be home in the morning. Hall’s sister noted the call came between 1:00 and 1:30 a.m. and Hall sounded uneasy. According to Epperly, he went swimming but Hall did not. Afterwards they vacated the cabin and Hall dropped him off in Radford, and he went to bed. Hall has never been listened to from again.

Blood Of Gina

When police assessed the cabin, they found that someone had attempted to clean up, but bloodstains in Hall’s type were noticeable in many places, both outside and inside. A striped towel, a blue towel, a quilt, a bath mat, and some cleaning supplies were skipping. Epperly could give no justification. Hall’s sister’s brown Chevrolet Monte Carlo, which Hall had been driving that night, was discovered abandoned at the Pulaski County end of the railroad trestle over the New River. The driver’s seat was shoved all the way back; Hall was so small that she had to ride with the seat pushed all the way forward. There were Type O bloodstains inside the trunk and hairs consistent with Hall’s.

A bloodstained blue towel was discovered nearby; it was recognized as Epperly’s and comprised fibers consistent with those from the carpet at the Claytor Lake cabin. One of Hall’s shoes was discovered at the opposing end of the railroad trestle. Two weeks later, searchers discovered the second missing towel and the clothing Hall had been wearing the night of her disappearance. Her clothes had been tied up in a packet and were bloodstained, although not shredded or torn. The clothing had head hairs identical to Hall’s and pubic hairs identical to Epperly’s, as well as carpet fibers. The other things missing from the home were never regained.

IN 1980

Epperly was accused with Hall’s killing later in 1980. Although the killing weapon was never discovered, detectives theorized he injured or beat Hall to death after she declined his sexual advances. Epperly did not present any witnesses at prosecution. Though he sustained his innocence in her case, he was sentenced of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in jail. He is still detained.

Hall’s remains have never been discovered, but foul play is believed in her case due to the situations involved. Her case was the first killing conviction without a corpse in Virginia history.

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