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Giulia Tofana, The Legendary Serial Poisoner

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Giulia Tofana hid her poison as a decorative oil called Aqua Tofana and sold them to wives whose spouse was harsh.

Birth Of Giulia Tofana

Giulia Tofana was born in Palermo, Sicily in 1620. Her mum, Thofania d’Adamo was an apothecary who creates and sold fragrances, makeups, herbal medicines, and other concoctions. Theophania was executed in Palermo on July 12th, 1633, after she was sentenced to killing her spouse, Francis d’Adamo. It is thought that Thofania gave her private recipes to Giulia.

In 17th-century Italy, women were auctioned off like items to loveless and frequently abusive weddings. These women had no economic and social strength and were left to three choices at their disposal: to get wedded, to live single and bank on sex work to withstand, or to become a respectable and well-off widow. Giulia Tofana was valued as a companion and emotional to anxious wives.

Giulia Tofana, Fata Cometic

GIULIA TOFANA: 17th century Italian pioneering feminist and retailer of  bespoke poisons. She sold her lethal i… | Beauty standards, The master and  margarita, Person
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She disguised her fatal cosmetic property by packaging it in a tiny glass bottle with a portrayal of Saint Nicholas on the front. Husbands were none the wiser that their spouse’s elegance regimen was their death warrant. Aqua Tofana was strongly fatal since it was formulated of a variety of arsenic, lead and belladonna. The colourless and tasteless concoction would murder a guy with just four to six drops.

The first amount, generally reduced with some sort of liquid, would result in fatigue and bodily deficiency. The second dose would bring on stomach pains, vomiting, and dysentery. The third or fourth dose would murder the sufferer. The toxin, and the technique of administering it, implied that physicians and detectives believed the casualty had been affected by some uncommon infection or disease.

Fifty Years Of Killings

Giulia Tofana – Poisonous Friend to Unhappy Women – Decoding History
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Giulia Tofana’s cosmetic business thrived for fifty years and she was very choosy as to whom she would give the Aqua Tofana. She advised the wives to conduct the toxin in wine, tea or soup and how to behave after the demise of their spouse, so the administrations would not feel sceptical. The widows deluded they were filled with tension and required a post-mortem analysis.

Until one day when one of her buyers inadvertently disclosed her illegal activities. After stirring a few drops of toxin into her spouse’s soup and just when he was about to slurp the container of soup. She shouted at him to stop. The wife was whipped by her husband and tormented by the authorities until she suggested Giulia.


Giulia Tofana came out admitting to murdering over what she averaged at 600 guys between 1633 and 1651. In July 1659, Giulia Tofana was executed along with her daughter and three workers in Campo de Fiori, Rome. Some of her clients were also executed outright. While others were bricked into the prisons of the Palace of Holy Office.

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