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Griggs And The Case Of Missing Girls

Molly Anne Franquemont was a 37-year-old woman residing in Sunnyvale, CA, last noticed by friends or family in early March 2013. She had moved in with a man, Glen Griggs only a couple of months before in January.

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Glenn Griggs

On March 20th, a good friend of hers, John Raniel, decided to pay Molly a visit to their house. When he reached, he was met by Griggs, who apparently “threatened to break his legs” and would not let Raniel into the home to see her. This urged Daniel to call the police who, later upon a search of the home, was unable to discover any trace of Molly.

Two days later, Molly’s daughter, Quilla, phoned the police again, contending that she had not heard from her mum since March 13th, who generally called her at least once a week. When officers scoured the house again and were incapable to discover Molly, Griggs alleged that she had cut off connection with family and friends because she “didn’t get along with them”.

In May, Raniel begged the police to do a welfare check on Molly, Griggs this time would not open the front door, and contended that Molly had bought a new phone to keep the people who were recently in her life from annoying her.

Griggs “You Know”

Griggs after this began to start saying police essentially “you know, you just missed her!” whenever anyone came knocking to ask for her. He also said to police that she was both working in nearby Redwood City, and had bought a new Prius, which officers never sighted at or near the house, even after setting up a surveillance camera to watch the home. At some point, he started claiming that she had shifted to Southern California, and was visiting once a week.

Before she disappeared, Molly confessed that she was genuinely scared of Griggs. She told Griggs would often drink and talked about murdering people. Franquemont lived in constant fear that Griggs would rape and/or murder her. She also specifically told a friend that Griggs contended that he had murdered someone and taken them to the Sunnyvale garbage dump.

Given all this, it’s not precisely a stretch to infer that Glen Griggs had something to do with Molly Franquemont’s demise. But what occurred to Molly? And what is the deal with Glen Griggs? Can anyone confirm his character?


Griggs “has a repeated habit of being present or related with dead white females who have difficulties with alcohol,” detective Alan Harnett wrote in the affidavit.

Hmm…maybe his character isn’t too good.

Glen Griggs was a common name to police at this point. In 2002, Griggs (living in Tuolumne County, CA) was charged on suspicion of domestic violence. And his girlfriend at the time, Evaline Jordan was photographed with scrapes on her body. It appears the charges were dropped the next year, nonetheless. Griggs reported Jordan dead later on in 2003; the coroner’s report stated that she had perished of natural causes. It’s reported that her blood alcohol content at the time of demise was 0.31 (pretty fuckin’ high)! Unfortunately, this appears to be the extent of what I can discover in this case.

In 2005, his girlfriend at the time, Beverly Donaldson, was discovered dead in Griggs’ house. Griggs reported he came back home to discover her dead in bed. The coroner reported that this death was due to “acute ethanol intoxication” which in layman’s terms is alcohol poisoning. Could not discover much on this one either.

In 2006, Griggs’ girlfriend, Kelley Daniel (who may have been homeless) was discovered dead at a garbage dump in Sunnyvale (sound familiar?) The reason for death could not be inferred, nonetheless, it was discovered that Daniel had a BAC of 0.246. Griggs said he had last noticed her four days before she was found; I am uncertain if this was her last reported sighting. Again, details appear to be scarce.

Griggs also had a past of harassing and aggressive encounters with police officers. In one circumstance he booby-trapped a door in his home with a blowtorch in case anyone attempted to bust in.

Additionally, in 1980, Griggs was sentenced to being an Accessory. After the Fact of the killing of a 6-year-old boy in Florida. Griggs had assisted the killer, Lawrence “Larry” Chartrand” and buried the corpse of the boy. Unfortunately, I am striving to discover more evidence regarding this particular case.

Death of Glen Griggs

On June 5, 2014, officers reached his home in a try to serve a warrant regarding Franquemont’s disappearance. After arriving home without hearing a reaction from anyone inside, they confronted Griggs in a bedroom who had a “rifle”-like a gun and terrorized to “blow-off [their] legs”. After a standoff with officers positioned outside of the home, officers fired a non-lethal shot at Griggs to disarm him. This prompted Griggs to put up his “rifle” at the officers, who then shot and murdered Griggs. Upon analysis of the “rifle” after the shooting, the officers realized that it was just a BB gun.

Going out on a limb and saying that it is no mere coincidence that four women related to Glen Griggs ended up dying/disappearing under uncertain circumstances. But what occurred to any of them? And did Griggs have any other casualties? He had an addiction to preying on vulnerable women who were vulnerable to alcohol abuse. With his demise in 2014 is there any way for any of these women and their families to earn closure?

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