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Heather Turner: An Unsolved Murder Case

Heather Turner’s corpse was discovered on 31 January 1998 partly submerged in a creek at Port Gawler – about two weeks after she was last noticed.

Heather Left House

Sixteen-year-old Heather Turner left her parent’s house on Gulf Court at Largs Bay on 16 January 1998 and did not come back. She was noticed at Semaphore later that day and again the next day.

Two weeks later, on 31 January, the teenager’s corpse was found by police partly submerged in a creek at Port Gawler.

She had been bashed and police think she may have been kept somewhere else before the corpse was dumped. Her unique Tweety Bird bag is still missing.

Pic: Crime Stopper

A suspect has been interviewed, but there has been insufficient information to continue with the matter.

Over 20 years after her casualty, Heather Turner’s best friend has a simple message for a group of people SA Police think have not told the full truth about the teenager’s murder: “It’s time to stand up and make a difference.”

Heather Noticed By Friend

Kali, Heather Turner’s best friend, last saw her on the 16th January 1998 and had the tough experience of calling Crime Stoppers two weeks later when she identified jewelry shown in a television news report about an unidentified corpse located at Port Gawler.

Along with experienced investigators, she has issued an appeal for those who have key data to speak up now, giving some peace to Heather’s family who has been waiting more than 20 years for answers.

Police have disclosed that in the days after Kali last saw her friend, they think Heather was at a gathering at a property at Ashton Road, Davoren Park, from about midday on 18th January until the following day.

Between four and eight people were at the property during the relevant time, with investigators of the view they have significant information in this case.


Kali, who remembers Heather as a pleased, vibrant teenager who just wanted to have fun, has a simple message for those people: “It’s time to stand up and take action. There’s a family that’s been devastated and a mum that’s lain awake for 20 years wondering what happened to her beautiful daughter. I say it’s time to stand up and make a difference. Have the strength, be brave, and come forward to help a family heal. One person could make a big difference in this. I understand that people have fears and reservations…but 20 years have passed now and I would say they should reconsider those reasons and feel if they are still valid.”

Detective Brevet Sergeant Shaun Osborn, from Major Crime, also persuaded anyone with data about the unsolved killing of Heather Turner to come forward and speak with investigators.

“I believe those people who know are the keys to help us to solve a murder”, he said. “Police have tools and avenues available to help people who have fears and reservations about coming forward. We think Heather left the home, in the company of other people, to go home but she never made it.”

Police think the teenager was killed at an unknown location with her corpse shifted to the Port Gawler region many days before her corpse was found.

She was completely dressed in the items of clothing she was last noticed wearing on Friday, 16th January 1998, nonetheless, the shoulder bag she had with her over the weekend – a unique Tweety Bird bag – was missing and has never been recovered by police.


A reward of up to $1,000,000 is offered for data in this case directing to the apprehension/conviction of the person or people responsible for Heather’s killing.

Anyone with data about the killing of Heather Turner is begged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. You can stay anonymous.

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