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Homeless People’s Killed By Unknown

In Paramaribo from 2005 – 2014, many homeless people were killed gruesomely with methods such as beheadings, beatings, shootings, and one was even doused in gasoline and set on fire. Even though Suriname is not the affluent nation out there is rather peaceful and has one of the lowest killing rates in South America.

This case starts in December 2005 when the corpse of a homeless man was discovered shot to death on the sidewalk. Then in February 2006 another homeless man was found murdered the exact way. Police thought that they could have been murdered by shop owners attempting to frighten vagrants nonetheless they discarded this assumption as more homeless men were killed in increasingly gruesome methods.

In July 2006 two charred corpses of homeless men were discovered having been set on gasoline and lit on fire while alive.

Then in August 2006, another one was stabbed to death the murderer stabbing him more than the necessary amount of time needed to murder him.

It wasn’t until October when the corpse of a homeless man recognized as Alfred Akoejoe was discovered beheaded under a bridge that the public began to take note and expressed their suspicion over the incident. The police assumed that the weapon used was likely an ax. Further lending credence to the ax assumption is that just days later on October 5, 2006, 22-year-old Bosland Creole was napping on the sidewalk in front of an antique shop when he too was murdered his head having been cut off with an ax an observer told police he saw a man about 35 and dark-skinned of creole descent in the region carrying a market beg with an ax handle sticking out. Although he didn’t glimpse the killing it’s self the witness saw him walk to a street corner and get in a car with an anonymous person after the estimated time of the casualty. The large number of homeless people being attacked and murdered in such a quick amount of time and overly violent ways despite the corpses being discovered in public places generated enormous public uproar and in reaction, the police created a special task force just to examine these killings however despite the task force the murders did not stop.

On October 12, 2006, a 35-year-old homeless man simply identified as ‘Pitje’ was sleeping near a sports complex when his skull was mashed under by a big stone.

On October 24, 2006, there was a survivor. A homeless man simply called “Jean” was sleeping at a street corner and thankfully he arose early and saw a man with a cleaver approaching him. He cried loudly for help which frightened the man causing him to run away. He would later tell the police that he saw him get into a white Toyota with someone

Police decided to boost security and their presence in regions where the homeless people were known to live hoping to catch the murderer in the act. And for a while it appeared they did as on November 13, 2006, police caught four teenagers in the act of beating up a homeless man with a club and they were both arrested and charged with all the killings that happened up to that point. The two teenagers whose names have not been made publicly available due to still being minors were both from affluent and well-off families. Police thought that …sigh… that videos games may have given them the impression to carry out the murders. Nonetheless, after interrogations, that assumption was shortly thrown out.

The presumed ring leader was the 16-year-old son of a Pakistani immigrant and shopkeeper named Eduard Ramahi. One of the other teens was his son’s cousin and two of his friends. According to them in December 2005 a homeless man attempted to rob his dad when he and his friends beat him severely. The homeless man then filed a police report contending that they were telling an untruth and that he never attempted to rob anyone and was assaulted unprovoked. The killings began a week after the police report was filed. After further interrogations (the 4 were inquired separately btw by) they admitted to beating up several anonymous homeless men with clubs and their fists and feet but contended that none of them ever died and refuted any involvement with the actual killings.

Police kept them in detention for 19 days as they were all but certain they were the killers. Nonetheless, they were released on December 2, 2006, due to a combination of the absence of evidence tying them to the other crimes and the fact that the assaults didn’t stop while they were detained.

On January 6, 2007, Humphrey Brondenstein, 48 was stabbed to demise with an unknown weapon when we attempted to intervene in another assault being committed against a homeless man by 4 people. Police later charged one of the murderers but shortly concluded that it was an irrelevant incident and charged the one person they arrested for only Humphrey’s killing.

The killings still occurred in 2008 but I can’t seem to discover any notable cases from that year.

Another murder occurred that stunned the nation on June 5, 2009, an 11-year-old boy found the corpse of another decapitated homeless man at the entrance of an apartment building in Paramaribo. He was recognized as 34-year-old Dennis Jona police recognized the murder weapon as an ax again and also formed a search party to try and discover the corpses’ head but from what I can tell they never recovered it. This one sent shock waves throughout Suriname and rekindled people’s suspicions over the murders. Despite his situation, many people described Jona as having done nothing wrong and wouldn’t harm a fly.

From what I can dig up the killings halted some years between 2010 – 2014. Various of the victims have gone unidentified and police put the number of official victims at 12 – 15 but acknowledge that there very well could be more as well as an unknown number of assaults that have surviving victims.

There are three main assumptions about who the murderer could be.

Theory #1

That this is all the actions of one individual. The police don’t believe the assumption saying With the head of the task force John Steinberg having said “There are still too many things to figure out before we can make such an assumption” And due to the varied ways they were all murdered police also have difficulty believing this the next two assumptions are the ones that the police serious investigate. And if it is a serial killer what would his intention be? Fame/Notoriety, Just for fun, Or perhaps even hatred towards homeless people.

Theory #2

That it is a gang perpetrating these murders and that the 4 teenage suspects could very well of been a part of something huger. This would also clarify why the techniques of killing vary.

Theory #3

That the murders are ritualistic as two of the killings had no blood at the spectacle leaving investigators to assume that it could have been obtained to be used in some kind of ritual. Such as a corrupted form of Obeah. This would also account for a witness describing a suspect as being of Creole descent as Suriname still has numerous tribes with superstitious beliefs.

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