How To Work With The Year’s First Full Moon, From Astrologers


As the AstroTwins formerly composed for mbg, Cancer itself is ruled by the moon, so a Cancer moon will certainly feel additional extreme. To that end, they state, it represents the waters of the womb, therefore water rituals would be a fitting method to embody this energy. “Take a bubble bath, honor the females in your life, and most notably, support yourself,” they include.

And speaking of bubble baths, you might take it an action even more and utilize your bath to get in touch with the water aspect and the moon even further. “Connect with lunar energy by immersing yourself in water, draw a healing bath around the time of the moon, and collect your preferred salts, crystals, and candle lights,” the twins recommend.

As you shower, they suggest stating your full moon intentions aloud while you’re unwinding in the tub, and envisioning the moon bring back every cell of your body. And do not forget to make some moon water if that’s something you enjoy!

Lastly, as one of the possibly loneliest moons of the year, the twins keep in mind that January’s moon, likewise called the “Wolf Moon,” is a good time to “socialize with your own ‘wolf pack’ and blurt a cumulative groan.” (Full moon circle, anybody?)


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