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James E Tedford The Man Vanished Into Thin Air

Pic By Newspaper
Pic By Newspaper

James E Tedford, vanished into thin air!

James E Tedford (frequently referred to as Tetford) was born around 1884 in Vermont.

Not much is remembered about his early life, but by 1940 he was an inhabitant in Fletcher Town, Franklin, VT with his younger spouse Pearl (she was aged 28 and he was 56)

Things began to get unusual following Tedford’s return to Vermont at the end of his second spell of military employment at the end of WW2.

He came back to discover his wife Pearl had disappeared, no evidence of her could be discovered – the property they rented in Fletcher Town had been left abandoned. Tedford’s family contended no awareness of the whereabouts of his missing wife. They told him they had last noticed her as she was heading to the Amoco store in Franklin, but they never saw her again.

Without a trace

On December 1, 1949, Tedford’s remaining family reported him missing.

Police inquiries and reports indicate he boarded a bus in St Albans a few days earlier, but that he had not reached his destination.

Tedford had disappeared mysteriously during the final part of the trip.

Tedford was on his way home to the retirement home in Bennington from a trip to see family in St. Albans, Vermont. The scheduled bus trip should have taken the best part of 8 hours, but enormous snow resulted in a long delay. The route also passed through the Green Mountain National Forest, a region renowned for disappearances and extraordinary events during the 1940s.

Tedford was noticed sitting on the bus by 14 other passengers. They all confirmed noticing him there, napping in his seat. When the bus arrived at its destination, nonetheless, Tedford was gone, and the driver and other observers all testified that they had not noticed the old man leave the bus.

Tedford was noticed getting on the bus in St Albans by numerous witnesses. He was noticed still on the bus at the last stop before reaching Bennington.

Somewhere between the last stop and Bennington, Tedford disappeared.

The strange mystery of James Edward Tedford | Strange Unexplained Mysteries  | Unexplained mysteries, Strange, Mystery
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Strangely all his belongings were still on the luggage rack. A regional bus timetable lay open on his vacant seat.

Tedford has never come back or been discovered.

Tedford is just one of the numerous strange cases of missing people from around the Bennington region in the ’30s & the ’40s.

According To Wikipedia:

The strange mystery of James Edward Tedford | Strange Unexplained Mysteries  | Unexplained mysteries, Strange, Unsolved
Pic By Coolstuff

James E. Tedford a veteran, was the third person to vanish. He went missing on December 1, 1949, precisely three years after Paula Welden had vanished. Tedford was an inhabitant of the Bennington Soldiers’ Home. He had been in St. Albans visiting relatives who attended him to a regional bus, which was the final time he was glimpsed. According to observers, Tedford got on the bus. And was still on the bus at the final stop before reaching Bennington. Somewhere between the final stop and Bennington, Tedford disappeared. His belongings were still in the luggage rack and an open bus timetable was on his empty seat.

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