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Jamison Family: They Vanished Without A Trace

In October of 2009, a family of three living in Eufaula, Oklahoma mysteriously disappeared. Their disappearance amazed investigators, and to this very day, the dilemma of what truly happened has plagued the state of Oklahoma. In what is arguably one of the most discussed unsolved issues of the twenty-first century, let’s dive into the disappearance of the Jamison family.

Jamison Bobby Family Packed Everything

Medical examiner identifies remains found near Kinta as Jamison family |  State and Regional News |
Pic: Tulsa World

On a Thursday evening on October 8, 2009, forty-four-year-old Bobby Jamison, forty-year-old Sherrilyn Jamison, and their six-year-old daughter Madyson Jamison were packing up their belongings and stocking them in the family pickup truck. On their estate was a huge shipping container which they were going to reside in on a 40-acre plot of soil in Red Oak, Oklahoma they schemed on purchasing. Their purpose was to live minimal and peaceful in the cliffs of the little town of five hundred plus people.

Though the Jamison’s were planning to relocate to the isolated cliff terrains, there had been no official contract settled on the purchase. When days had gone by without a word, friends and family started to grow worried. A missing person(s) case was filed and an inquiry ensued.

Truck Of Bobby Jamison

Eight days after the disappearance, the Latimer County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Israel Beauchamp ended up finding Bobby’s pickup truck. It had been vacated. Inside was Madyson’s dog Maizy, who was malnourished and on the verge of death. Additionally, there was $32,000.00 in an envelope, a pill bottle, Sherrilyn’s bag, and Bobby’s wallet and identification, a GPS, car keys, and their mobiles. Nonetheless, the Jamison family was nowhere in sight despite a comprehensive search.

The police looked through Bobby’s Mobile phone and found out a picture of Madyson that was recently taken. Due to her expression and location, law enforcement believed the image was taken on the day of their disappearance. Likewise, the picture itself has built quite a bit of controversy. Some people assume Madyson’s emotion seems to imply she’s in discomfort while others think she doesn’t look pleased and not in danger.


The strange disappearance and deaths of the Jamison Family in the Sans Bois  mountains —
Pic: Strangeoutdoors

If it wasn’t unusual enough, the mysterious disappearance of the Jamison family only grew more unusual when an investigation was sought in the background lives of Bobby and Sherrilyn. They shortly realized that nothing would be simple, and the clues and tips they received were just as questionable as the disappearance itself. One thing the Latimer County Sheriff’s Department did realize though — the family of three didn’t disappear of their own volition.

Reportedly, the pill bottle discovered in Bobby’s pickup truck related to a man who had at one point in time resided with the family by renting out a room in the home. He was finally kicked out by Sherrilyn when he began making claims he was related to white supremacists and would go on racists rants. The antics stimulated Sherrilyn to force the man away from the house. Though the police actively investigated the lead, nothing of importance was concluded.


When law enforcement analyzed the Jamisons’ home they found a security camera installed outside of their house. The footage showed Bobby and Sherrilyn loading their private belongings into their truck. Throughout the tape, it seemed as if the married couple wasn’t talking to each other, and the way their body language was presented, they were walking in a trance-like state.

Due to the odd behavior recorded, theories and rumors went extensive; creating rabbit holes that were a key part of the investigation moves ahead. There had been several unsubstantiated claims that the Jamison family were involved in drugs — especially methamphetamines — in some compacity.


This inspection was brought forth because of the huge sum of money the family had on hand when they disappeared, along with their intention of relocation being one of the biggest manufacturers for cooking and selling methamphetamines. Additionally, friends and family told detectives the family had been behaving strange weeks before their disappearance. They were losing a harmful amount of weight.

The police detectives searched through all the physical information they could uncover from the home but turned up no substantial clues that would lend credence to the drug theory. Furthermore, when Sherrilyn’s mum, Connie Kokotan saw the surveillance footage, she didn’t feel her daughter’s demeanor was odd, stating that her attitude took a harsh turn two years beforehand when her younger sister suddenly perished in a freak accident.


Nevertheless, more assumptions arose from the security camera. According to family members, Bobby had the video camera installed because of Bobby’s dad, Bob Sr. Their connection had been imbalanced mainly because of money complications. Six months before the disappearance, a fight broke out urging Bob Sr. to leash out several death threats to his sons’ family. Two months after the family disappeared, Bob Sr. passed away.

Another theory arose from the darkness when the regional pastor Gary Brandon talked to investigators. He mentioned the Jamison family had been dealing with spiritual problems in the weeks leading to their vanishing. Bobby and Sherrilyn are alleged to be noticing and fighting evil spirits and demons inside of their house. At one point Bobby inquired him if he had any supernatural bullets that would eradicate the evil forces. Likewise, Sherrilyn expressed she had the power to exorcise demons and Bobby had been reading from the Satanic Bible.


In tangent, Sherrilyn owned a Witch Bible that was discovered in the household. Following this, the detectives discovered an inexplicable message on the shipping container the Jamison family owned on their estate. It read, 3 cats murdered to date buy people in this region … Witches don’t like their black cat murdered. According to friends, the family had been in a quarrel with surrounding neighbors, and they had three of their cats poisoned by them.

Sherrilyn’s mum Connie and a family friend Nicki think the family’s disappearance was affected by a dangerous religious cult. Nicki gave a testimony that she collected knowledge that Sherrilyn had conflicted with The United White Knights — a cult that prevailed in the cliffs near the location the Jamison family vanished from. Despite their ultimate confidence in this assumption, there was insufficient evidence to verify the possibility.


Notwithstanding all of the hypotheses that hold some merit of fact and possibility, a definitive answer could not be given on the whereabouts of the Jamison family. Four years after the disappearance in November of 2013, friends and family members were hit with the news they had suspected all along. The skeletal remains of an adult male and female and a little kid were uncovered by hunters at the Sans Bois Mountains; three miles away from where Bobby parked his pickup truck.

Due to the serious amount of decay, it wasn’t until June 3, 2014, when the remains were officially substantiated to be Bobby, Sherrilyn, and Madyson Jamison by dental records. Sadly, an autopsy couldn’t assume the cause of demise. Those amongst law enforcement and those close to the family, are all under the consensus the family had been killed but there’s no decisive answer.


What actually happened that disastrous day? Did the Jamison family clash with someone or something harmful or could the disaster that befell the family is assumed as a murder-suicide as some have suggested? The assumptions are enormous and the answers are slim, and their deaths remain a continual discussion on paranormal and true crime blogs and forums. Will the mystery ever be solved?

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