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Janice Owen: A Widow Killed By Beasts

Forty-three-year-old nurse’s aid Janice Owen was a widow and hard-working mother of two. On Monday, February 12, 2002, at the Riverdell Care Center in Boonville, Missouri, she completed her shift at her normal time of 2:15 pm. She then headed for home, which was only a half-block away. About an hour later, her eight-year-old daughter, Alyssa, was going home from school on the bus. She was characterized as a well-liked girl who got along with everyone and had a bright personality. She rode alone on the bus that day because her older brother had been dropped off earlier at the babysitter’s home. The bus driver was the final person to see her; she walked into her home as he drove away.

Mom Of Janice

Later that day, at around 5 pm, Janice’s mum reached their home; neither one was there. Strangely, Alyssa’s coat and backpack were on the couch. She wrote a note to them, explaining that she had come to visit. At around 5:45 pm, a neighbor reported extraordinary activity around there. She saw two cars parked outside. She also saw a woman and a younger man standing on the porch. The man was wearing a red baseball cap; she did not recognize them. About fifteen minutes later, the neighbor saw a white four-door car parked on the wrong side of the street with a suspicious man next to it. She felt something was wrong.

Janice Disappeared In Air

The neighbor’s perception was right; Janice and Alyssa had disappeared into thin air. What occurred that afternoon became the issue of great speculation. Authorities were totally puzzled and had no indications in this case. Then, the following morning, a finding was made in Fayette, just twelve miles north of Boonville. Sawmill workers sighted something on the side of the road that they first guessed was a mannequin. Tragically, it turned out to be Alyssa’s corpse; she had perished of suffocation. When the police went to give the terrible news to Janice, she was nowhere to be discovered. She quickly became the main suspect in Alyssa’s murder. Nonetheless, authorities could not figure out an intention for Janice to kill her. According to her family and friends, she loved her very much.


Authorities wondered if the woman noticed on the porch was Janice. The neighbor was not certain because she didn’t know her very well. After interviewing other neighbors, they discovered that an older-model dark-colored pickup truck was noticed near the Owen home on Monday afternoon. A worker of a local waste disposal company came forward and described watching a related one Tuesday morning just up the road from where Alyssa would be discovered a few minutes later. Although he did not notice what was in its bed, he is now sure that her corpse was in there. He is also sure that she was not lying on the side of the road when he drove by twenty minutes before he saw the truck. Authorities think that it was the same one seen by the Owen home the day before.
Detectives proceeded to search for evidence and Janice. Then, on March 27, six weeks after Alyssa was discovered, Janice’s corpse was discovered in a creek bed, twelve miles from where Alyssa’s was found out. An autopsy assumed that she had also been strangled at around the same time Alyssa was murdered. Authorities still don’t understand why Alyssa’s corpse was placed in a well-traveled and easily seen spot on the road while Janice’s was hidden in a creek bed twelve miles away. Authorities have a lot of assumptions in this case, but no suspects.


Initially, authorities doubted that Janice’s fiancee may have been responsible for the killings. Nonetheless, he was cleared after his alibi was verified. Janice had also chatted to men online. Nonetheless, they were also cleared of any involvement.
The main suspects, in this case, are the anonymous man and woman noticed on the porch of the Owen home on the day of the killings. The man was white and was wearing a red baseball cap, and seemed to be younger than the woman with him. They have never been found. An older-model, dark-colored pickup truck was noticed near the Owen home on the day of the disappearances. It was also noticed near the site where Alyssa’s corpse was later discovered.
Authorities think that the killer(s) are local and are aware of the backroads to and from the dumping sites.

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the August 21, 2002, episode. It was also documented on Nightmare Next Door.
Angela and eric mize. In June 2002, soon after the story was completed, authorities earned a crucial break in this case. A tipster reached the police, claiming that Janice’s coworker, twenty-five-year-old Angela M. Mize, had data about her murder. When interviewed by police, Angela claimed that her husband, eighteen-year-old Eric D. Mize, had murdered Janice and Alyssa. She initially claimed that she just witnessed the murders; nonetheless, she ultimately confessed her involvement in them. They were both arrested and accused of two counts of first-degree murder.


When authorities scoured their home, they discovered items that belonged to Alyssa, including a button missing from her dress and the buckles from her shoes. Authorities now think that they were the couple noticed at the Owen home. Shockingly, they confessed that they murdered Alyssa for sexual gratification and then Janice because she was an observer to the crime. Both pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and were convicted to life in jail with no probability of parole.

Source: Unsolved Mystery

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