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Janie Perrin, A Murder That Shocked Everyone

Pic From NSW
Pic From NSW

Janie Perrin Body

It has been 26 years today since 73-year-old Janie Perrin’s corpse was discovered bludgeoned to death in her unit in Bourke on 3rd November 1990.

There is no detail available for this crime. It is short summary that we took from some sources and FB pages.

Reward For Perrin’s Murderer Detail

Reward of $100,000 to solve murder of Janie Perrin - NSW Police Public Site
Credit: NSW

A $100,000 reward is on offer for data leading to the arrest and conviction of those accountable for her killing.

She had been sexually attacked and killed some time after 9 pm the evening before when she was seen stepping into her house.

The murder of this frail old woman was an extremely horrible crime.

Called The Police

The 30-year mystery of what happened to Janie Perrin. Janie's family calls  for answers
Credit: Gun Control Facts

A concerned neighbor called the Police worrying about the welfare of Mrs. Perrin when she had not noticed her the day after her last sighting.

Officers who looked inside a window saw her lying lifeless inside her little flat.

Various private items relating to Mrs. Perrin were also stolen at the time of her demise.

No One

No one has been accused so far despite comprehensive investigations by investigating police.
These investigations have involved interrogating hundreds of people and investigations continue to this day.

The case was subject to a ‘cold case review and the prize doubled in wish of ensuring sufficient information to lead to a conviction.

Anyone who is guarding the murderer through some kind of misguided loyalty is advised to please now do the good thing and tell the Police what you know.

Mrs. Perrin’s family is still staying without closure. And requires your help to eventually allow them to end this dreadful chapter in their lives.

Still Waiting

This will only come with glimpsing the person or persons accountable for the demise of their mum being brought to justice.

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