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Jaryd Atadaro & Other Missing Kids

⭕ Jaryd Atadaro What happened to him?

Jaryd was 3 years old when he assaulted by what authorities think to have been a mountain lion. Jaryd was a brilliant outgoing kid that made all around him smile. He was interpreted as delighted and active. On Oct. 2, 1999, Jaryd was on a hiking trip with family and companions from a church group. This was the last time anyone sighted Jaryd alive. A huge inquiry was performed but nothing was discovered until 2003 when Jaryd’s partial remains and chafed clothes were found by hackers.

The Larimer County Sheriff told that a missing Littleton Jaryd was likely murdered by a predator.

20 years after he disappeared, what happened to Jaryd Atadero? |
CrediT: 9 News

Sheriff Jim Alderden announced on Tuesday while speaking about the ragged clothes discovered last week in the rugged Comanche Peak Wilderness. The camel-coloured fleece jacket, blue-and-white tennis shoes and blue cotton pants related to 3-year-old Jaryd John Atadero, who has been missing since Oct. 2, 1999.

Alderden told the situation of the clothes made it seem that some kind of a predator, like a bear or a mountain lion, murdered Atadero. He also suggested dark and light hairs on the pullover that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation will assess. Jaryd’s hair was dark, so investigators want to realize if the hairs can be recognized.


Two Fort Collins hikers discovered the clothes last Wednesday about 550 feet from the Big South Trail — a region that had been searched several times after Jaryd was reported missing.

Gary Watts, 54, said that a mistaken turn on a hiking route directed to the finding. Watts said he and his hiking partner, Robert Osborne, were very aware of the news about the boy lost more than three years ago.

“When I saw the first shoe I realized right away, it was like unlocking a door to light,” Watts said. “I realized we had answers.”


The clothes were discovered 600 feet up the side of a canyon, said Larimer County sheriff’s spokesperson Eloise Campanella.

Checking on the clothes, which do not have observable signs of blood, could take weeks. Forensic specialists told that the clothes have been exposed to the components for more than three years, which will make their task much tougher.

“Where you have an external garment, you’ve got the climate, you’ve got wind, you’ve got moisture, humidity, heat, the sun. They’re acting to degrade or to break down any DNA that may be discovered on a garment,” said Ron Arndt with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

No remains were discovered but 20 or more searchers will come back to the site on Saturday to investigate for remains, bones and a T-shirt that is still missing.

No Information

“With all those creatures up there, there is a vital likelihood that some of this information could have been carried away,” Campanella said.

The blue cotton pants were discovered turned inside out and the right leg was skipping. Fragments of cloth were dispersed in a 100-yard radius around the clothing and may have been scattered by rodents building nests, operatives said.

Administrations have directed obviously of declaring the boy dead.

In the meantime, Jaryd’s father, Allyn Atadero, is holding up hope that his son is still alive. He told so far, only clothing have been discovered. He told he will not hold a memorial ceremony for his son until he realizes for certain what occurred.

“Everyone else can infer,” Atadero said. “But I have to dwell with it every day. I can’t settle here and say … it’s time for Daddy to move on.”

Jaryd was on a hiking trip with his sister and 11 adults in a church group when he disappeared without evidence. Searchers searched the region for days before cancelling the search on Oct. 8, 1999, after discovering no evidence of the boy in the hiking region or nearby Poudre River. About four days later independent trackers discover hand and footprints, but administrations nothing that conclusively correlates to Jaryd. The next year, then-President Bill Clinton signs a bill devoting the trial to Jaryd. A memorial to the lost boy sits at the trailhead.

The Father

Atadero has kept mementoes of the day his son vanished — rocks from the canyon, a bottle of water from the South Fork of the Poudre River where operatives thought the boy may have drowned and a walking stick. All are protected on a shelf at his Littleton house.

“Every day I wander by it, touch it and make sure he’s part of my life,” he told

He said he will possibly wait until the weekend to tour the site and look for more indications of his son’s unusual disappearance.

The Vanishing Children

In 1938 a 4-year-old boy named Alfred was camping with his family in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. And as the boy was strolling with his family he vanished. He was there one minute and the following he was gone. The administrations were assured that he must have dropped into the river as they were strolling very close to it. And that assumption could illustrate why Alfred didn’t reply to any of his parent’s calls as perhaps he drowned or just got swept away by the river.

But Alfred’s parents claimed that this was not the case, and they kept saying to the administrations that he had just disappeared. And that day an enormous search was conducted and they surveyed up and down the river and throughout the national park for 5 days. But there was just no clue or any information about Alfred anywhere, so they canceled the search. But something fascinating did occur on the first day of the examination when bloodhounds were called in. The bloodhounds picked up the young boys sent them straight away but they mysteriously halted at the same area where Alfred vanished. And the dogs did exhibit some very unusual behavior.

All Over The News

Now this disappearance was all over the news and the authority got a relatively weird call from a couple who contended that they had glimpsed Alfred while they were hiking at the National Park. The couple said the cops and the park rangers that while they were hiking at about 3000 feet higher than where Alfred went missing they glimpsed a boy sat on a very high cliff known as the devil’s nest. And the pair were just looking at this boy in entire amazement as they were incredibly interested how a boy that young could get up there as even skilled hikers have a difficult time getting to that cliff. Then they saw somebody or something shaking the boy back out of their view. And that very night they saw Alfred’s face on the news and they were confident that this was a similar boy.

So an examination and rescue team was sent to this area but there was no indication of Alfred. And the park rangers said the boy’s parents that there were just no means that their son could have climbed up that ridge independently, or with assistance, or arrived at that destination within that duration. Now despite years of surveying not one little evidence of Alfred has ever been discovered. And what makes this case so magical is how the bloodhounds just halted right at the area where Alfred vanished, as well as the couple’s story as they were assured that they saw Alfred. Now some think that this could have been the work of some uncommon big bird such as we have examined in some of my previous videos and some think that something more sinister is to blame.

Another Case

Another very fascinating case occurred in 1999 when a 3-year-old named Jaryd was living with his father at a Christian camp in Colorado. And Jaryd and 12 other Christian group members were hiking on the Big South Trail when Jaryd somehow managed to wander from the group. And some fisher said the administrations that they had glimpsed Jaryd, and this little 3-year-old boy begged them if they had glimpsed any bears around. Now this fisherman said to this young boy that he should get back to his group. And it’s a shame that they didn’t support him back as they were the last people to see young Jaryd alive.

And everybody was surveying for him but there was just no evidence of Jaryd anywhere. The bloodhounds couldn’t pick up his sent, the helicopters couldn’t discover him and nobody could discover any indications or any tracks. So the ones in charge of the inquiry thought that Jaryd must have strumbled and drowned in the river, just like Alfred. And a couple of days later the examination was canceled.

Discover The Body

But 4 years later they did discover his corpse. Jaryd’s remains were discovered in a very distant and hard region to get to. And his corpse was discovered close to the route where he was last glimpsed. But it was about 500 feet above the route. And there was just no way that Jared could have walked up there all by himself or with assistance. And when specialists assessed the corpse they did discover scrape marks on his skull. Making them think at that time that he was assaulted by a mountain lion.

But many disagreed with that announcement as this didn’t match a mountain lion assault. A mountain lion or any other land predator wouldn’t have been eligible to drag Jaryd’s corpse to that area. Now after more analysis, they inferred that these scratch marks didn’t fit any known animal. And that but that announcement did come from one of the specialists who was appointed to the case, according to missing 411. Now what was even more unusual is the boy’s clothes were turned inside out. His clothes and shoes were strangely fresh and neat. It’s as if Jaryd had only been lying there for a couple of weeks or days. Well at least in views of his clothes. Making this another very awful but very unusual case.

Kenny Miller

Then In 1992, 12-year-old Kenny Miller went missing in Yosemite National Park. While hiking with his family on the Pacific Crest Route. Now Kenny was a special boy and he was last glimpsed throwing pebbles into a stream. And his parents were very near. They only took their eyes off of Kenny for a minute or so before they understood that he was gone. And after a long examination, they couldn’t discover any indication of the young man anywhere. But about a month later some hikers did discover Kenny’s corpse on a very tough get to the hill. About fifteen hundred feet higher than where he was last glimpsed.

And yet again there was just no means that Kenny a mentally impaired young man could have got there on his own. And the reason for his demise was officially asserted as exposure. But many think that something else must have occurred to Kenny. Then in Oregon, a 2-year-old boy went missing in the jungle. And this boy was discovered 19 hours later and about 12 miles away. And the fascinating thing about this case is there was just no way that a 2-year-old could have covered that landscape. As it would have been very tough for an adult. So the apparent suspect was an animal or predator. But there were almost no indications of any actual distress on the boy’s corpse ruling that theory out. So how the heck did he get there.

Strange Disappearance

Another very unusual disappearance occurred in Arizona when a 7-year-old boy went losing and bloodhounds were rapidly on the case. But the dogs were incapable to pick up any scent. Which is very extraordinary for bloodhounds. But thankfully this case has a happy ending as he was discovered 2 days late. About 20 miles away and exactly in the middle of the desert. Now this 7-year-old was very dizzy and troubled but in extraordinary tremendous condition. He indicated no clues of any dehydration and no unfavorable effects whatsoever. Which in truth is unthinkable, like 1 hour in the desert you would be very dehydrated.


And also during that time, the nighttime temperature was under freezing. So how could this young man be unfazed by the scorching desert and the below-freezing nights? And above all why couldn’t he recall anything. Now, Something uncommon has to be going on here and in a maximum of these cases. I would not tell for 100 percent assurance, but it does appear like these children were taken from the air.

But the final case might imply something else. And my good buddy Scott remembered to me that maximum of these kids was wearing very bright clothes. Whatever the case may be, this is one of the earth’s biggest mysteries. There are just so many young kids and people who go losing throughout the earth. And in this kind of unique or bizarre-like case, it doesn’t appear to be affected by man or any recognized animal. And it also appears that the government knows what is going on, or at least that they realize something. But for whatever justifications they are not telling us. Only making us more frightened and also making us think that something secret, something ghostly must be going on here.

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