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Jayden Penno: Where Is He?

It had been over a year and a half since his son was last seen in far north Queensland.

And according to Jayden Penno-father, Tompsett’s life has not gotten any easier without knowing how or why the 22-year-old disappeared approximately 130 kilometers from Townsville.

Brendan Tompsett told the Newcastle Herald that it never ends during this year’s National Missing Persons Week.

“You go to bed with it, you wake up with it, and you go to bed with it again.” You cannot proceed because there are no answers, and when there are no answers, you do not settle.

Jayden Travels

Pic: Mamamia

“Every day is like Groundhog Day, and it never gets easier. But each day you awaken, there is still life to live.”

Jayden, a resident of Birmingham Gardens, was traveling north with friends to spend New Year’s Eve in Cairns when he vanished prior to their arrival.

He was last spotted in the early hours of December 31, 2017, in the rural community of Charters Towers.

In the days following his disappearance, Queensland Police published CCTV footage of the young man at a local roadhouse.

Four days after the last time they saw him, his travel companions reported him missing to the authorities.

Jayden is one of more than a dozen missing Hunter residents at the present time.

Mr. Tompsett stated that he was unaware of any advancements in the search for his son, who continues to loom big in his life.

“Recently, I was on vacation, and I called him to tell him about it,” he explained.

“Suppose we learned he passed away; it won’t make it easier, but at least you’ll have something to cry over. It is simply sad, it is extremely sad.

“I cannot fault [the police] for their initial response, how they conducted their initial search, the rest of their actions, or my interactions with them. I believe that they have been really thorough.”

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