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Jeremy Bright: A Boy Vanished Without Any Trace

In 1986, 14-year old Jeremy Bright shifted from his hometown of Myrtle Point, Oregon to Grants Pass after his mum, Diane Bright, divorced his stepfather, Orville “Ole” Gulseth. When summer hit, Jeremy wished to return to Myrtle Point to attend the annual Coos County Fair, so Diane decided to allow Jeremy and his nine-year-old sister, S’te, to stay with their stepfather for a week. On August 14, Jeremy took S’te and a friend of hers to the fair and purchased them all-day passes.

Jeremy Said To His Sister

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At 2:00 PM, he said his sister he would meet her by the Ferris wheel at 5:00. Jeremy then expended the afternoon helping out his aunt at her restaurant before calling his mum on a payphone at 4:45. He told Diane he would meet S’te and made arrangements for her to pick them up in Myrtle Point in two days.

Soon thereafter, Jeremy halted by a tavern owned by his uncle and met his stepfather, Ole, asking him to borrow some cash to attend the fair the next day. After Jeremy left the tavern, he did not show up to meet S’te and was never noticed again.

Jeremy went missing

When Diane reached Ole’s home on August 16, she discovered Jeremy’s wallet, wristwatch, and keys on top of the TV set and realized that no one had noticed Jeremy in two days. After Jeremy was reported missing, numerous unconfirmed rumors would disperse throughout the town about what occurred to him. Witnesses remembered glimpsing Jeremy at numerous parties in Myrtle Point throughout the week and there was the belief that he was given a beer that had been laced with a drug. Since Jeremy had a heart murmur, this could have resulted in a disastrous overdose and provoked someone to dispose of his corpse.

Another rumor given by a jailhouse informant was that Jeremy and his friends were at a swimming hole when three regional troublemakers appeared to harass them. One of them decided to show off by firing a gun into the water until a bullet accidentally hit Jeremy. He was left wounded, so these three people took Jeremy to a remote cabin located ten miles outside of town and tried to nurse him back to their health.

After a week or two, Jeremy perished to his wounds, and his corpse was buried in a shallow grave 200 feet from the cabin. A search was conducted of the cabin and the surrounding region, but no evidence was discovered.

August 15

Nonetheless, at around midnight on August 15, a young woman named Cecelia Fish was leaving her sister’s apartment when one of the three people named in this story entered the building. His clothes were covered with blood, but he just chuckled it off and said “This occurred hours ago”. A half-hour later, Cecilia’s brother, Johnny, who was one of Jeremy’s best friends and had been hanging out with him that week, reached the building and entered his sister’s apartment.

He was trembling and traumatized about something, but would not disclose what occurred. Johnny was reportedly never the same after the occurrence and struggled with addiction and homelessness until he passed away in 2011. In September 1988, 24-year old Terry Lee Steinhoff was accused of the killing of Patricia Lynn Morris, who was cut and stabbed in the throat 15 times after leaving a tavern three-and-a-half months earlier.

Steinhoff plead “no contest” to the killing and stayed detained until he died of a heroin overdose in 2007. Steinhoff had babysat for Jeremy when he was younger and there were reported sightings of the two of them in a truck jointly on the day Jeremy vanished. Steinhoff was also one of the three people named in the “swimming hole” story and the blood-covered man Cecilia Fish had encountered was Steinhoff’s cousin.

The prevalent rumor is that Steinhoff, his cousin, and one or two other people were responsible for Jeremy’s disappearance, but no one has ever been arrested and Jeremy’s corpse has still never been discovered.

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