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Jesse Farber: That Unusual Call

BACKGROUND Of Jesse Farber:

Jesse was 29 years old when he disappeared from Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, on August 11, 2015. Jesse was dating a woman named Rachel with whom they had 2 children together. He was an incredible father and loved outdoor activities, including fishing, hiking, and camping. Nonetheless, before his disappearance, his attitude changed.

On August 1st, 2015, Jesse and Rachel got into an argument over money. Rachel had noticed huge sums of money vanishing over time. They finally settled the argument, but Jesse decided to stay at his grandparent’s home a few miles from Tamaqua, rather than where he was residing with Rachel in Tamaqua. It’s interesting to note that Jesse did not have a car. Jesse’s attitude also started to alter soon before his disappearance, and he appeared exhausted, nervous, and concerned.

August 8th, 2015 was the final time that Rachel saw Jesse. She asked what was going on due to his recent behavior. Jesse responded something odd, saying, “I have to do this on my own, but when it’s over we’ll all be together again.”

On August 10th, Jesse ditched work where he worked at an ice cream plant. He left his grandparent’s home for work like normal, but rather went into Tamaqua. Observers said around 3 pm he was noticed alone at Burger King. Later that day, he supposedly met with a young woman somewhere for an unknown reason and she ended up stealing some of his cash. After that, he met up with some friends and played video games all night. One friend mentioned he was annoyed the woman took his cash and was Facebook messaging her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was allegedly apologizing and offered to repay him.


Pic: Pahomapage

On August 11th, 2015, Jesse told coworkers he would be headed to work. He first had scheduled on meeting with the woman’s boyfriend (the woman who Jesse claimed stole his money) at the local Burger King in Tamaqua, but never showed up. Jesse’s whereabouts are unknown from 12 pm-9 pm. Nonetheless, Jesse’s cell phone records show he made numerous calls to his bank to figure out what his balance was. He shouldn’t have been foreseeing any payments, as he got paid biweekly every Friday.

Jesse was last noticed by one man around 7 pm, walking south down the S-curves of Hunter road. His path is shown here

At 9 pm, Jesse made a strange phone call to Rachel. He was hysterical and told her he was being chased by 10-11 coyotes, his cell phone was about to die, and he was up in a tree. He asked Rachel to come to get him and bring guns. Rachel reported he seemed startled in the call, almost as if he was about to cry. During the call, he initially told Rachel he was by the Tamaqua elementary school, and then later said he was near the high school. The two schools are on different sides of the town. Rachel asked for his precise location, which he would’ve known, but the call dropped. She called him back several times, but he never answered again.

Rachel and her brother went to the woods by the high school and spent 2.5 hours looking for Jesse any clue about him. Rachel then called the police and reported Jesse missing.


The following day, police as well as friends and family started looking for him. On August 13th, the official search began. Different Search and Rescue teams searched for nearly 12 hours, including drones and dog teams. Pennsylvania State Police even sent a helicopter to look for him. From August 14-16, more teams were sent to look for him, and cameras were sent down into air shafts. On August 16 end of the day, TPD ends the official search. Note that the region is an active coal mine, so there are numerous air shafts and the terrain is tough to navigate.

Jesse’s friend, who he stayed with on August 10th, later told Rachel Jesse went to buy meth that night. Rachel says that Jesse never used drugs when they were together.

In December 2015 or 2016 (unsure of the exact year), a hunter near the high school saw a pair of sweatpants hanging from the tree, and Jesse was last noticed wearing sweatpants. One of the legs of the sweatpants had been tied in a knot with a rock put inside the leg. He then saw a backpack further up the tree, which was later verified to be Jesse’s backpack. Rachel doesn’t believe this is his bag, because she claims the pin on the bag used to recognize it as Jesse’s is in her son’s possession. Both Rachel and Jesse’s mum believe these items were probably planted at that location. The tree where these items were discovered is supposedly very tough to reach and is a skinny tree.

People in town continue to refuse to speak about Jesse or give much data whatsoever. Police are not ruling out that he was assaulted by a pack of coyotes or a gang of “coyotes”.


Jesse was in a drug-induced hallucination.
He was chased by coyotes.
Jesse was being chased by a street gang named “Coyotes”. Rumors were circulating that Jesse may have been talking about “Coyotes” as in a street gang that he allegedly owed money to. Nonetheless, police couldn’t discover any known gangs named Coyotes, nor proof anyone was after Jesse.

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